Where in the World: Johannesburg, South Africa

Raymond Stellhorn


The famous South African rugby team is yet again on the verge of winning another Rugby World Cup as many may have seen in the movie “Invictus”. This week we take a closer look at the largest city in the land home to the Springboks.

Johannesburg, known by the locals as Jo’burg or Jozi, is the capital of the province Gauteng, a massive urbanized area dominated by the Hillbrow skyline. It has become a highly sought destination to visit in Africa in recent years due to the reduction in violence and media exposure through movies and sport. The first attraction one must visit upon arrival in Jo’burg is the Apartheid Museum. Here, one will be able to learn about and try to understand the struggle of racial equality and freedom in apartheid South Africa. However, today there are still some tensions between blacks and whites but not nearly as unequal as it was during the apartheid.

Another destination to visit in Johannesburg to discover more of the horrors of apartheid is Constitution Hill where Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were both imprisoned. To have a living understanding of apartheid, it is recommend to visit the Soweto to know why and how the townships were created for the hardworking miners that lived there and an opportunity to interact with their descendants today.


Numerous safari tours starting in Jo’burg are available for reasonable prices. Some tours will take their guests only for one day and others numerous days. Also, each tour differs on where and how far in the South African countryside one will be taken.

For sports fans, the venues of the 1995 Rugby World Cup and 2010 Soccer Cup are still present and open to the public. Ellis Park where Nelson Mandela wearing a Springboks jersey presented the trophy to the winning South African national team hosts a museum and tour for visitors. Stadium tours and occasionally local and national matches are held as well as concerts at the FNB Stadium located in Soweto where the 2010 World Cup final was played and where Mandela’s final public appearance and funeral was held.

Visit post-apartheid Johannesburg to understand the struggle of years past and to be a part of a movement towards a bright future in South Africa.


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