Alumni Corner: There is no practical major

Ryan Rose
Alumni Contributor

I graduated from Lock Haven in 2014 with a degree in English literature. Since then, I’ve started my own business as a writer, creating sales letters and advertisements. Business has its ups and downs, but when things are good, I make $1,000 per day.

I’m telling you this because English literature is not the recommended major for people who want to make money, but more importantly, because you might be avoiding the major you really want simply because of the average salary attached to it.

I know plenty of people who chose “more practical” degrees. None of them are making as much money as I do. Most of them don’t even have jobs in their fields.

That’s because there’s nothing practical about learning and working in a field you don’t absolutely love. Humans are organisms, not robots; you can’t turn off your emotions and push through boring, practical work for 40 hours a week.

Instead, put your emotions to good use, and find the work that your human side will support.

A mentor of mine once said, “don’t start the business you think will make you a millionaire; just do something you’re willing to give a million-dollar effort.”

There are hugely successful people in virtually every possible field: cooking show hosts, sports personalities and even professional gammers.

I’m not saying you should blindly follow your passion. It’s not enough to be a musician or a painter just because you like doing it. You have to be willing to work harder than anyone else.

But it’s a lot easier to work hard when you’re also having fun.

Your degree will open a door for you. Make sure it’s a door you actually want to walk through.


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