Closet costumes for the lazy, late and uncaring

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

By InSapphoWeTrust,

Some people just don’t care about Halloween; they just don’t get caught up on the dressing up and looking ridiculous for candy or even just to hang out. I’m one of these people who just can’t bring themselves to care about this holiday the way others do. But we get pressured and guilted into going out with our candy corn eating, candy hogging, Halloween loving friends and we have to come up with a costume.

So if you haven’t gotten a costume yet, or are one of the people who need to find one to appease your friends, here are some costumes you can quickly put together with things you can find in your closet or apartment, or with a quick and cheap run to Walmart.

Identity Theft

Get a bunch of “My Name Is” stickers and write a bunch of names on them before sticking them all over your regular clothes. You can be warm, punny and funny.

Out of season

Dress up in whatever you have from another holiday. Wear a Santa hat, a St. Patrick’s Day shirt, anything from another holiday and when people ask what you are, just say you’re “Out of season.”

By Mark Sample,

Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl

Have jeans, a plaid shirt, some boots, (maybe) a hat? There you go. Girls braid your hair and you’re a stereotypical cowgirl or cowboy and no one can do anything about it because at least you dressed up.

Cereal Killer

Grab a box of cereal, stab a plastic knife through it, and use some red marker to scribble over it to make it look like blood. You, sir, have just murdered that box of cereal.

Walk of Shame

We all know what this looks like in the daytime but to dress up as one at night, wear a skirt, borrow a guy’s shirt, wear some heels and one big earring. Mess up your hair a bit and smudge your eyeliner. Shame on you.

A crazy cat lady

If you have a bathrobe, wear it. Have some curlers by any chance, put those in your hair. Grab a stuffed cat toy and you are single with twelve more cats waiting for you at home.


It might be too cold but you could wear a floral dress and some matching shoes. Braid your hair in pigtails and put too much blush on your cheeks. Stare at people with wide eyes all night to freak them out.

By Themeplus,

James Bond

Dress up in a suit and tie and you can be anyone, including James Bond.


Do you have a tshirt with any superhero label on it? Great, wear it and throw a towel over your shoulders because there’s no better cape than a towel cape.

Singin’ in the rain

I don’t know if it’s going to rain on Halloween but if it does, wear a raincoat and bring an umbrella. When people ask what you are, start singing the famous song, “Singin’ in the Rain.”


If you have a onesie, wear it. Doesn’t matter what it is, but if it turns you into something all the better. Just wear your onesie and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t dressed up. You look fabulous. And you’re comfy and warm.


Draw whiskers on your face. You’re a cat. Done.


Use duct take to make an upsidedown arrow on your chest. Use any tshirt you want. Now you’re your own GPA. Hopefully you’ll graduate.


Don’t do anything. You’re your own identity. You do you. Don’t change a thing. You’re beautiful.

Harry Potter

Draw a lighting bolt on your forehead. Boom. You’re Harry Potter. You don’t even have to wear anything Hogwarts. Harry wears casual clothes sometimes. And just say you lost your glasses. Throw your hands around as if you’re looking for them when someone asks. If you hit them in the face, it’s their fault for questioning your costume.

With these lazy costumes, no one can complain that you didn’t dress up. Now go out and put yourself in a candy coma so you can forget about how ridiculous you look.


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