Letter to the editor: Local property owner blames LHU fraternity for theft

I’m writing to set the record straight regarding some defamatory comments that have recently been made on Facebook by a local gentleman and subsequently shared by an increasing number of people to their own Facebook pages.

This gentleman made criminal accusations towards the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity and its alumni. Typically, I would not write to the newspaper about a Facebook post, but I am in this case, because this man’s libelous comments have been seen by thousands of people.

His comments regard an alleged theft at his property on Main Street during this past Homecoming weekend. Security cameras captured individuals in their 20s or early 30s, walking around the house when the theft is alleged to have occurred.

These individuals told residents of the property that they were former fraternity brothers and it was their chapter house. They laughingly mentioned Kappa Delta Rho, right before this gentleman claims they stole property, waved to the camera, and left.

Apparently, this identification didn’t appear suspicious to the property owner, who proceeded to immediately make public accusations of theft against Kappa Delta Rho members and alumni.

When contacted by our fraternity’s alumni advisor, who has held the post for several decades and is a decorated law enforcement official, the gentleman not only refused to acknowledge his mistake, he actually accused our advisor of committing a crime too.

The simple fact is this: the house hasn’t been the Kappa Delta Rho chapter house for 31 years. We sold it in 1984, and it was subsequently used by two other fraternities.

Doing the math, that puts the minimum age of KDR alumni from that house at 50+ years old. This current property owner attempted to claim  that we owned the property in 2000, which I imagine would come as a surprise to the Alpha Chi Rho brothers who owned it and called it their chapter house at that time.

Further, those video stills were reviewed by our advisor, our Alumni Board and our very active Alumni Association. It’s never been a secret that our Alumni Association is among the largest and most active of any LHU fraternity.

We also keep composite pictures of every Kappa Delta Rho brother, from every year. Not only were the alleged thieves not in the pictures, none of them were recognized by any member of our organization, past or present.

I don’t know who the people in the property owner’s video are, but I do know who they aren’t. They’re not Kappa Delta Rho members.

This man owes us an apology that is equally as conspicuous as his baseless allegations. Kappa Delta Rho alumni are not thieves, they are business leaders, Olympic gold medalists, bestselling authors, a Medal of Honor recipient, a past Pennsylvania Governor and even the White House Press Secretary on September 11, 2001.

Benjamin Miller graduated from Lock Haven University in 2001 and is a Kappa Delta Rho alumnus.


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