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Police Reports 10/29

Photo courtesy of onemomsbattle.com10/16/15 10:34 Sloan

Information received on an incident involving two employees.  Referred to Human Resources.

10/17/15 22:28 Campus Village

Report of a male shooting vehicles w/ paintballs.  Two officers arrived and found one intoxicated male with bloodshot eyes.   An officer spoke to resident of room and male admitted having and shooting the paint ball gun not at vehicles but in the air.  Intoxicated male provided officer with false identification and charged with providing law enforcement authorities with false information about his identity after being informed by a law enforcement officer who was in uniform.  Intoxicated male was issued a trespass.   Male involved with the paintball gun charged with Institutional vandalism.

10/17/15 14:50 14-Parking

Officer working the gate at Jack Stadium detected a strong aroma of burnt marijuana emanating from vehicle and in plain view officer observed drug contraband.    Contraband confiscated.  Trespass letters issued and charges filed for possession of a small amount of marijuana and use or possession of drug paraphernalia to driver and one passenger.

10/17/15 18:22 14-Parking

Report of an accident involving a golf cart filled with equipment and a University vehicle.  Damage to University vehicle will be covered by the Company and appropiate University officials will be notified.

10/17/15 0:13 Fairview Suites

Received a report of a male student who was followed by a male on a bicycle.  Officers dispatched to located and checked area.  Unfounded.

10/17/15 3:43 Fairview Suites

Officer observed three males assisting a 22 year old male who appeared to be intoxicated.  Officer approached males and one male was highly intoxicated.  Ambulance dispatched and male transported to LHER.

10/17/15 3:08 W Fourth Street

Officer observed a vehicle travel through the stop sign  at approximately 15 mph.  Traffic stop conducted and individual cited.

10/17/15 18:10 Off-Campus

Assist LHPD with a traffic stop.   Search of vehicle conducted by LHPD.  Officer returned to campus.

10/18/15 11:27 16 Parking

Assist with unlocking vehicle parked on campus.

10/18/15 0:19 Off Campus

Assist LHPD with call on two intoxicated males.  Officer responded and checked area with negative results.  LHPD arrived and took over incident.  Officer returned to campus.

10/18/15 1:51 McEntire Hall

Report of alcohol poisoning.   Officer arrived and found an unconsious who was highly intoxicated.  Ambulance disptached and male transported to LHER.  Male cited for Public Drunkenness.

10/18/15 2:20 Fairview Suites

RA reported underage drinking after receiving a noise complaint.  Officers arrived.  Individuals interviewed and cited for underage drinking.

10/18/15 2:50 Smith Hall

Report of an alcohol incident.  Officer arrived and detected a strong odor of vomit and concerned of the well being of the student.  Entered student’s room who had slurred speech and highly intoxicated.  Ambulance dispatched and male transported to LHER.  Male cited for Underage Drinking.

10/18/15 14:38 Water Street

Officer attempted to unlock a vehicle.  Ending in negative results.

10/19/15 19:26 REC Center

Report of two females almost jumped by 5 other females over a confrontation concerning a male.   No other information provided unable to proceed with investigation.

10/19/15 11:01 Robinson Hall

Medical emergency.  Male individual passed out striking floor with head causing a large contusion to the left side of his forehead.  Ambulance dispatched and transported to LHER.

10/19/15 2:04 Fairview Suites

Fire alarm sounding.  Smoke coming from a room.  Officer requested fire equipment.   Maintenance malfunction caused the smoke and alarm to sound.

10/20/15 15:18 Ulmer Hall

Medical emergency.  Female having an anxiety attach.  Ambulance dispatched.  Female refused treatment.

10/20/15 0:47 North Hall

Report of a trespass violation.  Officers responded and confronted suspect.  Male was issued a citation for Criminal Trespassing.

10/21/15 11:45 Campus Village

Report of student having suicidal thoughts.  Student located by officer.

10/21/15 10:00 W 4th Street 

Bicyclist failed to stop at the stop sign.  Officer warned bicyclist to follow the same laws as a vehicle.

10/21/15 10:20 Campus Village

Alarm fire sounding.  Officer responded and found the alam was caused by burnt food.

10/22/15 21:44 University Dr

Officer initiated traffic stop on a vehicle without headlights on.  Officer detected aroma of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath and observed marijuana in plain view.  Driver of vehicle completed the field sobriety tests satisfactorily.  Dirver will be charge with possession of drug paraphernalia and driving without headlights on.

10/22/15 12:30 Sloan 

Theft of make up from costume area.  Under investigation.


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