Zombie herd: A fate worse than Jon Snow

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor


Spoilers! “The Walking Dead” started season six with three entirely action packed episodes that keep you so absorbed in what’s happening that the hours feels like mere minutes. The first two episodes showed the points of view of those in Alexandria fighting the Wolves and those leading the herd of zombies away from the town. With the blaring of a horn in Alexandria, the viewers’ emotions are shot, hacked, stabbed and utterly destroyed, like multiple walkers, Alexandrians and Wolves until every viewer is sitting there at the end of episode three with empty eyes and hearts more dead than the walkers that destroyed us body and soul.

“The Talking Dead” spoke about episode two and said it was such a great episode because so many people died but it wasn’t anyone we cared about. But it was spoken too soon. In episode three, one of our un-killables was killed and Nicolas’s suicide broke America’s heart as “The Talking Dead” said. Not because he’s dead, because everyone wanted him to die, but because when he died, his body pushed Glen off of the dumpster they were barely receiving refuge from and they fell into the arms of the herd of walkers. Glen is dead.

But this is where viewer denial comes in. Were the entrails being eaten Nicolas’s or Glen’s? Nicolas fell on top of Glen so maybe what the camera was showing was a trick to make us believe Glen was dying. The same thing happened during the season finale of season 5 when we thought Nicolas had left Glen for dead to be eaten by the walker on top of him. But Glen is an unkillable character so he survived. The same thing will happen again right? It has to.


“The Talking Dead” this Sunday was entirely about helping the audience recover emotionally from this blow but there was enough there to give us hope that maybe Glen isn’t dead. He didn’t show up in the “In Memoria” and the director left a comment saying that parts of Glen would show up either in flashbacks or in the current timeline to “help complete the story.” But what does that mean? Is he really dead? Or will he come back as a walker? Can we viewers handle that? But how could he have made it out of that situation uneaten or at least unbitten? And then there was the shot to the heart when Rick was calling for Glen over the walkie with no response.

Then the thought that Glen won’t ever go home to Maggie hits you. Michonne offered to take over the job Glen and Nicolas set out to do because he had his wife back home. Glen said that’s the reason he was going out to do this. Boom. Boom. More shots to the chests of the viewers. He died without ever completing the task he set out to do in order to save his wife, friends and town. But maybe he’s not dead. Maybe.

With Glen’s death smacking us in the face, what everyone else went through was pushed to the side but the deaths were no less impactful. No group made it out of this unscathed and the end of this three-episode-event is still too far away to see. Michonne had on her arm a message saying “You will make it home” but so many did not and will not.

Episode three was so emotionally packed that the audience will have trouble recovering, if they do at all. The title of this episode was very misleading. “Thank you.” Thank you for breaking me inside.


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