LHU raises awareness for hunger in the community

To increase hunger awareness and food insecurity in the community, LHU’s MountainServe Center for Community Service held its annual Hunger Bowl where students and faculty teamed up to collect 4,334 nonperishable food items.


President Fiorentino answers students’ pressing questions

President Michael Fiorentino recently visited a news reporting class to talk about what he does on a daily basis, the construction on campus, what he sees for LHU’s future and more.

‘Fallout 4’: An apocalypyical blast

When you’re walking down the electronics aisles and can’t decide what movie or video game to purchase, you’ll probably notice the shortage of one game in particular this year. That game would happen to be “Fallout 4” of Bethesda studios, another sequel straight from their massively loved “Fallout” series.

Defining vaporware: Games that mysteriously fade

Most electronic games seem to follow a fairly predictable arc from announcement to release. The industry has had its fair share of over-hyped failures and disappointing cancellations though. A long list of products have over promised but still managed to under deliver after a lengthy and costly development cycle.

Be the Ripple: Advocacy group educating on mental illness

Brittany Caufman, a senior majoring in Psychology at Lock Haven University, and myself, noticed this stigma behind the silence of mental illness and decided to establish Be The Ripple in order to change it. Be The Ripple is a non-profit advocacy group that strives to educate the public about psychiatric illness, particularly eating disorders. Be The Ripple promotes positive body image and self-acceptance, especially among young collegiate women.

You’re addicted to the snooze button, aren’t you?

Lately, the snooze button has been getting me into trouble. I’ve become so used to habitually hitting the snooze that I don’t even remember hitting it most days anymore. I snooze so many times that I’m dangerously close to being late to everything. I usually wake up just in time to rush through getting ready and sometimes I have to forgo certain steps in getting out the door. If you’re like me, here are some tips we should probably start following: