Celebrating Culture: International student photography showcased in Bentley

Joanna Harlow
Online Editor

Students opened a photography show with an international theme in the Lower Bentley Gallery on Monday Nov. 2.. The show will be open until Nov. 20. The exhibit is part of International Education Week sponsored by the Institute for International Studies, Phi Beta Delta International Honors Society and the Fine Arts Society.

There are over twenty submissions which feature landscapes, city scenes, portraits and more. The show was juried by LHU alumni Kurt Herrmann. Herrmann studied abroad in Russia and Spain during his time at LHU. Students will be familiar with Herrmann’s mural on the front of the Raub Building.

Yuqi Zhao, photo courtesy of Joanna Harlow

Yuqi Zhao, photo courtesy of Joanna Harlow

Students who came to the opening were encouraged to vote for “Viewer’s Choice”. The plentiful votes were counted and Yuqi Zhao, an art student, won with her photo “Feng Huang 2”. The photo shows a tight city street and the colorful glare of the lights that line it. The photo has an atmosphere of fantasy and mystery and was taken in low light.

The winner of first place was Jess Streeter, who showed the photograph “Bumps and Curves”. The photo shows an abstracted shape in black and white. The smooth surface of the subject catches the light beautifully revealing a few small imperfections which lend the object character and make the viewer feel they have been let in on a secret. The dark space looks from a distance to be a shadow but as the viewer moves closer it is revealed to be indented curves of the object.

Photo courtesy of Joanna Harlow

Emily Appalonia, photo courtesy of Joanna Harlow

The second place winner was Kristi Replogle. Her photo “BeeHive” shows a honeycombed, mirror-like structure reflecting green space. It is a compositionally interesting piece. The greens and blues allude to an open outdoor space though the sky can only be seen in the reflection. Like the first place submission, Replogle’s work shows an object that has been abstracted through the composition.

Emily Appolonia won third place for her portrait photo “Hidden 1”. The model is painted with bright hues and a direct light is cast over her face. Her confrontational gaze is engaging as she peers through her parted fingers. Providing contrast, the dark background makes the subject more captivating.

The exhibit also features the nature photography of Logan Eck and Megan Zick. Notable pieces are Eck’s “Lochy?” and Zick’s stunning “Sun Canyon”.

This week, the Institute for International Studies will host International Education Week. On Thursday Nov. 6, Culture Through Coffee will take place at Avenue 209. 


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