‘Focus’ on Ariana Grande’s new single

Caroline Clayton
News Editor
Photo from thenewswise.com

Photo from thenewswise.com

It has been a little over a year since Ariana Grande released a new album but it stayed in the public’s eye with different projects, but last Friday she released her new single, “Focus.”

Grande has been teasing her fans since Sept. 15 when she announced the release date of her new single. When it got closer to the release date, she started sharing snippets of the song and music video on her Instagram. Let me say, it was worth the wait!

I feel that Grande’s songs, for the most part, are very different than what you normally hear on the radio. It is a very ‘groovy’ number with the same attitude that is portrayed in her song “Problem” that was released last year.

Personally, I love the song! It is very upbeat and a good song to dance to which gives me a little bit of confidence. The trumpet solo halfway through the song is a great touch and gives the song an older vibe, but doesn’t take away from its modern aspect.

The music video on the other hand to me was somewhat similar to her “Problem” music video. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, I just wish she did something a little different and more creative. During the chorus, she and six of her backup dancers dance on a platform, similar to “Problem.”  Hey, if that’s what she likes then keep doing what you’re doing! On the creative side, Grande did change her hair color for the video to a lavender/platinum color which she pulled off really well. If the dying process weren’t so difficult, I would definitely be trying it out.

Photo by Getty Images via dailymail.co

Being a dancer, I’ve always watched singers closely who dance in their videos and Ariana Grande is no exception. I have always been so impressed with the choreography in her videos and how awesome she does! You can clearly tell she puts a lot of work into perfecting it.

There is one male on the track and fans were anxious to know who it was. On Oct. 30, Grande performed at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles and let everyone know that Jamie Foxx is the mystery vocals on her new track.

Overall, I really enjoyed her new single “Focus” and have not been let down by her yet. I look forward to her new album that is reportedly coming out early next year!


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