Next phase in construction are renovations to the PUB

Sean Dougherty
Guest Writer
Photo courtesy of Kathleen Ellison

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Ellison

The Parson Union Building is the next phase in the construction on campus, including a new entrance, more rooms being added, new furniture, flooring and more.

There have been many changes on campus during the 2015/2016 school year: Russell Hall being torn down, Ulmer Hall being updated, new pavilions in place of Russell hall, the food business, Chick-fil-A in Lower Bentley and closing down the Eagle Wing Cafe.

Back in September, a firm hired by LHU conducted a face-to-face survey with students asking them what different changes they would like to see in the PUB. The survey was conducted in one day and about 700 students responded.

Dr. Dwayne Allison, the associate provost for student affairs, said, “The information gathered from the survey was then given to the director of student activities, Jodi Smith, and myself, to judge whether the improvement would be applied to the building.”

During a recent interview in a communication class with the President of LHU, Dr. Fiorentino said “We will be doing renovations to the PUB because it is long over-due and my opinion is that students deserve a better facility than what we have now.”

There were many different options presented by students and these are the major ones to look forward too:

· The entrance to the PUB behind Ulmer will be updated and have a more appealing look.

· The information center will be expanded and feature more food options for students to purchase.

· The bookstore entrance will also be updated to make access from the parking lot easier on guest and students

· More rooms will be added with the option for students to rent out for events and for a quiet place for them or a group to study in.

· New furniture and flooring on both the upstairs and downstairs sections of the building will be in place.

The renovations to the pub are expected to begin in the summer of 2016.


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