Please wait your turn, Christmas

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer

I recently walked into Walmart looking for a few items; nothing abnormal, just your average necessities. I walked through the doors, turned left toward the pharmacy and BAM! To my surprise, I walked into a freaking Christmas wonderland.

People, this has gone on long enough!

We are just a few short days into November and Christmas has already taken over. When are businesses going to see that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, and Christmas decorations shouldn’t be hung up around Halloween decorations?

I mean seriously, Walmart is a prime suspect. Halloween is now over and everything Halloween related is on clearance, but right next to a shrunken head and fake blood is Santa’s smiling face. Kids are going to be horrified finding Santa in cahoots with such things!

Walmart isn’t the only store that does this; many stores across the United States are to blame. Christmas decorations are up and ready to be sold a week before Halloween. As soon as Halloween is over, Christmas trees and blow up Rudolph’s are on display- everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I celebrate Christmas and I love the holiday, but when did Christmas become such a commercialized celebration? The holiday season is supposed to be about family and getting together to enjoy one another’s company. Rather, Christmas has become all about who has the more expensive gift and whose house is decorated the best.

Instead of enjoying Thanksgiving and all the amazing food that comes with it, people would rather go out on Black Friday and get trampled on for items that probably aren’t much cheaper then than they are any other time of year. This is one thing I will personally never understand.

By Adam D from DFW, Texas, USA (IMG_1262)via Wikimedia Commons

Christmas has always been a fun holiday for me but as of lately it is becoming a hassle. I start worrying that my gifts aren’t good enough and that my house isn’t as festive as the neighbor’s next door. None of those things are what the true spirit of Christmas is about.

I should probably stop sounding like an old classic Christmas movie, but aren’t those sappy, terribly made films what make the holidays so special? Sitting around drinking hot chocolate with the family while watching the Snow and Heat Misers battle it out?

Christmas is a fun and great holiday.

Let me rephrase that.

Christmas in December is a fun and great holiday. Christmas any other month is just annoying and intrudes on the importance of the family holidays that precede it.



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