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Police Reports week of 11/5

Photo courtesy of onemomsbattle.com10/23/15 Susquehanna Ave

Traffic offense for going 45 mph in a 25 mph zone. Citation issued.

10/23/15 Susquehanna Ave

Traffic offense for going 46 mph in a 25 mph zone. Citation issued.

10/23/15 Susquehanna Ave

Traffic offense for going 47 mph in a 24 mph zone. Citation issued

10/23/15 Fairview Suites

Two males attempting to enter building smelling profoundly of burnt marijuana. No contraband found on persons. Males cited for Public Drunkenness.

10/24/15 12-Parking

Observed male on the sidewalk caring alcohol beverage. Officer made contact with male who was highly intoxicated. Male cited for Public Drunkenness.

10/24/15 Fairview Suites

Officer made contact with three individuals who failed to move out of the way of the vehicle. Individuals where under the influence of alcohol and cited for Underage Drinking.

10/24/15 Fairview Suites

Officer on patrol observed two individuals enter the building and detected a strong odor of marijuana. Individuals questioned and found one female being under the age of 18 with contraband in her possession. Male student falsified permission slip and admitted contraband belonged to him. Male charged with Corruption of Minors and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Minor female released to parents.

10/24/15 Parson’s Union Bldg Report of loud music. Officer responded and gave a verbal warning.

10/24/15 Fairview Suites

Report of an intoxicated male vomiting. Male was highly intoxicated and ambulance dispatched. Male transported to LHER by ambulance. Male charged with Underage Drinking.

10/25/15 McEntire Hall Request to check on the welfare of a female who hit her head and concerns of a possible concussion. Officer made contact with female. Female declined medical services.

10/25/15 McEntire Hall

Request assistance to open elevator doors. Officer arrived and found two students stuck in elevator. Fire Department dispatched and had to pry elevator doors opened. Maintenance work order submitted.

10/25/15 Bentley Medical emergency. Ambulance dispatched and individual transported to LHER.

10/26/15 Fairview Suites

Male passed officer in the 1st floor lobby area and smelled profoundly of burnt marijuana. Officer stopped individual and questioned him. Officer prohibited male from driving vehicle. Male provided officer with a female friend’s name and officer questioned female. Female found to be under the influence of marijuana. Male cited for Public Drunkenness.

10/26/15 Fairview Suites Report of male (non-student) staying in resident hall for an extended period of time. Officer dispatched and found this not to be true. Male does visit female student periodically.

10/26/15 Fairview Suites Report of a suicide attempt. Officer arrived female found and ambulance dispatched. Female transported to Williamsport Hospital.

10/27/15 East Campus-G Side Report of theft of bicycle. Bike located and turned over to owner.

10/27/15 Off-Campus Officer at A-Plus to gas the patrol vehicle. While inside the store encountered a male who smelled of burnt marijuana. Officer observed a marijuana cigarette inside pocket. Contraband seized. Male on state parole. Officer contacted state patrol after hours hot line. Criminal charges will be filed with District Justice Office.

10/27/15 Bentley

A report of retail theft. Female entered Bentley with a Pepsi cup. Employee informed female that she could not refill the cup since it was not purchased with the meal. Female proceeded to fill the cup. Supervisor attempted to stop her and informed her Public Safety was notified. Female left building. Incident under investigation.

10/28/15 McEntire Hall Officer was performing a follow-up on a previous incident and found individuals within room vaping/smoking. Officer informed student this in not permitted and this incident would be referred to Student Life. 10/28/15 N Fairview Street Officer observed a vehicle without headlamps or tail lamps illuminating. Officer stopped vehicle and gave driver a verbal warning.

10/28/15 North Hall

Officer observed a motor bike parked at the rear of the building at the bike rack. Officer made contact with owner and instructed him the motorbike needed to be registered with Public Safety. Upon entering the student’s room officer observed a huge cloud of smoke filling the room.

10/28/15 Thomas Field House

Officer observed a male riding a two wheeled electric scooter on the gray floor inside building. Officer made contact with male and instructed him scooters are prohibited on campus property.

10/28/15 Off-Campus

Assist LHPD with securing the scene. This officer along with Woodward Township officer taped off the property with Police tape. Remained on scene until additional LH police units arrived.

10/29/15 Student Rec Center

Employee overheard student state he was “packing” employee took this to mean student was carrying a weapon on campus. Officer made contact with student. Student does have a permitted to carry a concealed weapon and stated he does not carry the weapon on campus.

10/29/15 East Campus

Report of a possible theft of a bike. Individuals located by post office and officer made contact with one male in front of Beiters. Male stated the bike belonged to friend who was in Dollar store. Male exited Family Dollar and stated the bike did belong to him. Males were released.

10/30/15 McEntire Hall

Report of an odor of marijuana. Officers dispatched and could not detect any odor of marijuana.


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