Fall book talk: Let’s talk ‘Crave’ with Laurie Cannady

Sam Shirk
A&E Editor
Photo courtesy of Angela Simcox

Photo courtesy of Angela Simcox

Lock Haven University English professor, Laurie Cannady spoke in the Alumni Durrwatcher Building on Tuesday about her newest published book “Crave: Sojourn of a Hungry Soul.” Cannady was a pillar of beauty and strength as she talked about her newest memoir.
Released Tuesday for everyone to read, LHU scheduled a Fall book talk for Cannady’s newest memoir piece. Cannady herself looked beautiful in her elegant dress and she greeted everyone with a warm smile and thanked everyone for coming.
Bill Schneider, the managing editor for Etruscan Press, feels “Crave” should really be called “’Brave’ because it’s a story about bravery.” This explains a lot when it comes to Cannady, whose bravery and strength has affected her students on a very deep and personal level.
The event was an emotional but joyous one for Cannady who shed some tears and some very personal messages, allowing the audience to learn a lot about such a wonderful professor.
At the beginning of the event, Cannady talked about how this was a tough story for her to write because she had to consider her family’s feelings since she was sharing a lot of their secrets. After making her decision, she told the audience why she decided to share such a personal story like this one.



“I made the decision to tell this story because I didn’t want what happened to me, my mother, my grandmother – I did not want it to happen to another generation and I felt like if I wrote this story, then there would be evidence of us,” she said.
After a beautiful book trailer, Cannady read three pieces from the memoir itself. There was deep emotion in her voice as she read the words in each part. The way she read was captivating and it was obvious that she made her audience want to hear more.
April Line, a grant writer for Etruscan Press, according to their website, described her opinion of the book. She feels that “Crave: Sojourn of a Hungry Soul” is a beautiful, lyrical novel and just as beautiful as you would think when hearing the title.
“Crave” is quickly becoming a very big success. The memoir has already broken the record for most advanced sales for Etruscan Press and it has garnered a very positive response from others who have read it.
Tim Seibles, author of “Fast Animal” describes the book as ‘both intimate and epic’ and Sue Silverman, author of “The Pat Boone Fan Club” describes the book as ‘a deeply affecting debut memoir.’
“Crave: Sojourn of a Hungry Soul” is available now wherever books are sold.


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