Havenscope is making ‘Deadline’ with an all-student cast

Caroline Clayton
News Editor
Photo courtesy of Kathleen Ellison

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Ellison

The student-run television club on campus, Havenscope, is producing a film which students can participate to get real filmmaking experience that only comes around every once in awhile.

“Deadline” is a fictional mystery/suspense film that takes place on a college campus, following Chris Armstrong, a journalist for the local newspaper, who encounters a murder on campus. As he begins to write about the murder, he discovers more information about the circumstances behind it, putting him in more danger.

There are four other lead characters in the film. Jennifer Saunders the girlfriend of the murdered victim, Shaun Bailey; she is shy, reserved, but passionate. Shannon is one of Chris’s good friends and she is out-going and friendly. Carly is the ex-girlfriend of the murdered victim Shaun, she is caring and open. Lastly, Detective Olsen, the officer evaluating the death of Shaun, is authoritative and intimidating.

Brandon Clements, a sophomore studying communication and the director of “Deadline,” said “This will be a 100 percent realistic film-making experience for anyone that will be participating. It should be really fun and I am looking forward to working with the cast and crew!”

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Ellison

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Ellison

Auditions for the film are on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. in Sloan 321. Anyone is allowed to audition and will be provided with excerpts from the script for each role, so there is no need to prepare anything before hand.  Ramona Broomer, assistant professor in the visual and performing arts department is giving extra credit to any of her students who participate in the production of the film.

For students with production experience, or are just looking for something to do they are still in need of a gaffer (lighting coordinator) and a props master along with, the three female and two male lead roles.

Filming is expected to start in January of 2016 and to be finished before the end of the spring semester in order to have a public viewing in Price Auditorium.

Clements said, “This is an experience that only comes around every few years so take the opportunity now.”

Please contact Brandon Clements for more information on the film, about auditions or helping out behind the scenes at bec949@lhup.edu.


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