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Police Reports week of 11/12/15

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10/30/15 Susquehanna Ave

Law enforcement agency received a bolo reported on October 29, 2015 from Lycoming county to be on the look out for a chevy impala.  Trolley driver reported seeing a vehicle matching the description.  Officer contacted Clinton county communication to see if bolo is still activate.  Lycoming county found suspected vehicle and canceled bolo.

10/30/15 Off Campus

Officer on patrol observed an individual in the bed of truck sitting on top of a tool box.  Officer stopped vehicle and  advised driver that his passenger needs to be down in bed of the truck and traveling over 35 mph.  Officer gave verbal warning to driver and passenger of vehicle.

10/30/15 N Fairview St

Officer observed four males walking down middle of street. Officer confronted males asking why they were walking in the middle of the roadway during the conversation officer detected marijuana.  Search of person ended in negative results for contraband.  Another male individual was verbally aggressive during the stop, this male was also searched due to the odor of marijuana and blood shot eyes.  Search ended in negative results.  All individuals warned about being under the influence of narcotics in public.

10/31/15 Fairview Suites

Report of a male sleeping in a lobby chair.  Officer responded to location and found male.  Officer woke him up and found him to be of legal age of consumption and male stated he was visiting his brother.  Male also had a bottle of vodka on him.  Male instructed to dispose of the alcohol in the presence of this officer since the campus is a dry campus.

10/31/15 Off Campus

Assist lhpd with a report of a male chasing people.  No person located.  Officer returned to campus.

10/31/15 W Fourth St

Officer on patrol observed female in possession of alcohol walking with juvenile male under the influence of alcohol. Female released to friend. Non traffic citation issued via mail and juvenile male released to brother. Juvenile allegations to be filed.

11/1/15 Fairview Suites

Medical emergency-individual transported to lher.

11/1/15 Off Campus

Assist lhpd with dispersing a crowd.  Officer responded displaying emergency lights and intermittent siren to assist with moving pedestrian traffic off the street.  Officer returned to campus at 1:12 am.

11/1/15 Off Campus

Officer on patrol heard an audible alarm sounding from ybc.  Proper authorities notified.  Found this was a false alarm.

11/1/15 Off Campus

Officer requested to back of lhpd while serving warrant.  Warrant was served without incident.  Officer returned to campus.

11/1/15 Tomlinson Center

Athletic trainer found a weapon in a backpack.  Officer responded to location retrieved weapon/backpack.  Investigation into the ownership, registration, etc.  Owner of weapon came to public safety office.  Ownership papers must be present to claim weapon.

11/2/15 Student Rec Center

Community policing – officer encountered a male who smelled profoundly of burnt marijuana and who displayed signs of being under the influence of marijuana.  Officer confronted and male admitted being under the influence of marijuana.  Search of person and bookbag conducted.  Contraband found and seized.  Charges filed on possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

11/2/15 Bellefonte Ave

Officer observed a vehicle traveling without headlights on.  Traffic stop and individual driving vehicle found to be driving without a driver’s license.  Individual cited for driving without a license and owner of vehicle issued a citation for permitting violations of allowing vehicle to be driven by a person without a license.

11/2/15 Off Campus

Female reported to officer about a verbal argument between her and her roommates.  Officer advised female of steps the officer could take female did not want to pursue.  Female just wanted information to be recorded.

11/3/15 N Fairview St

Traffic stop on vehicle observed traveling at approximately 55 mph in a 25 mph zone and almost strucking a student crossing in the pedestrian crosswalk.  Driving issued a traffic citation for driving vehicle at a safe speed.

11/3/15 North Hall

Officers dispatched to speak to rd regarding narcotics.  Rd observed three females smoking marijuana.  Officers interviewed the females and found the marijuana was purchased early from a male in McEntire hall.  Officers investigated the allegations, and found drug paraphernalia and seized all items.  During investigation officer found male individuals to be selling the marijuana.  Male individuals taken into custody and transported to Clinton county corrections facility for booking and preliminary arraignment.

11/4/15 Campus Village

Medical call-male had a bad cut on bridge of his nose.  Male believed he hyperventilated causing him to black out and fall onto the floor.  Refused medical attention.

11/5/15 Sloan

Report of vector business cards left on desk’s throughout building.  No witnesses at this time to the person/persons placing the business cards throughout the building.  Investigation into the matter will continue.  Anyone having additional information should contact public safety at 570-484-2278.


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