Starbucks Christmas cup controversy

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer
Lisa Suender via

Lisa Suender via

Last week, I wrote an article about Christmas coming earlier and earlier every year. My point was that Thanksgiving comes first yet stores and some people tend to ignore it. This article can be considered a part two of the last. If you know me, you know that I practically live in Starbucks. I get coffee once maybe twice a day. Yes, I am a coffee addict, but that’s besides the point. Reasons I love Starbucks, besides the drinks, include the music (sometimes), the relaxing setting, the big windows that shine natural light into the seating area and the workers. I used to do every bit of my homework in there. I would sit there for hours, doing work and talking to my friends that happened to walk in. Though, I have to point out one thing that happens every year as soon as November arrives, the red cups come out. Like my article last week, I don’t like how some companies decide to go all holiday mode on us before December. However, people have been getting so angry at Starbucks lately because of their cups. First of all, the Starbucks holiday cups are supposed to signify the coming of the holidays. It’s not supposed to be a big ordeal. All they are doing is changing the cups from white to red. Yet, people are pissed about it. Secondly, I have read from multiple sources that the reason the cups are so simple this year and not as decorated as the previous years is because the CEO of Starbucks thought people would want to decorate their own cups like many people have done with the white Starbucks cups. Somehow a simplistic red cup has created controversy as to whether Starbucks hates Christmas or not. Last I checked red is a Christmas color. Also, I feel like the simple red cup is getting away from strictly Christmas and more toward the holiday season. It is a way of bringing the holidays together instead of picking out one holiday. Although, I do admit that if the intention of Starbucks was to focus on holidays and not just Christmas, they should have added blue or silver to their cups for Hanukkah. So Starbucks serves coffee to customers in a red cup, who cares? There are worse problems in the world then the color of the cup my coffee goes into.


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