‘Fallout 4’: An apocalypyical blast

Jordan Kruise
Guest Writer


When you’re walking down the electronics aisles and can’t decide what movie or video game to purchase, you’ll probably notice the shortage of one game in particular this year. That game would happen to be “Fallout 4” of Bethesda studios, another sequel straight from their massively loved “Fallout” series.

What’s so great about this game you ask? Well this game includes the following: action, violence, danger, risks, comic relief, exploration and the most important for any bored gamer which is an adventure worth taking on. “Fallout 4” is similar to the previous two games: “Fallout 3” and “Vegas.”

In many ways, however, it is a completely different game, where after being let out of the Vault-Tec vault, you plunge into a whole new route filled with unique towns that have been salvaged and still held together after all the nuclear bombing.



Inside these ruined areas, once heavily populated and filled with laughter and friendly faces, are now the broken remnants and toppled over power lines. One thing that hasn’t changed is that these areas aren’t empty and unpopulated. However, the residents of these towns are either rabid, flesh-eating, feral ghouls or killer mutants that want any vault dweller dead in a heartbeat.

The game mechanics are very similar to the previous titles for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC; the only difference is that the graphics are way better and have more realism to them than its predecessors. The Scenic roads and gloomy surroundings almost seem like you’re traveling in a real place, especially when you see the foggy power stations and brick buildings that were once used by the residents.

The only con is that the game’s current version happens to glitch every once in awhile, but don’t fret; it happens in any game. I’d advise anyone playing for the first time to take it extremely carefully and stick to the game’s main storyline instead of wondering off on your own at first because it will end in certain death.

I’d also advise anyone with free time on their hands to buy this game and play it to its fullest. Bethesda games did a great job on this addition to the “Fallout” franchise. Thank you for reading and push on fellow adventure seekers.


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