How to survive Thanksgiving with your stomach intact

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor


We all know that with Thanksgiving comes a plethora of food babies. For some of us, this is a good thing and you don’t mind it. For others, Thanksgiving is a guilty pleasure. We love eating all of the amazing food but later we feel so guilty about it. Either way, eating so much food is tough on our bodies so here are a few tips on how to make it through Thanksgiving without going into a food coma.

Start the day with physical activity.

In my family, the men go play football while the women clean and cook (stereotypical, I know) but the guys had the right idea. Physical activity regulates your appetite and jump starts your metabolism. Great for a day of eating right? Go for a light jog around the block or make a stop at the gym. If you’re my mom and I, do a couple laps up and down the stairs because we get our own workout running around the house like we do.

Eat breakfast.

Skipping a meal slows down your metabolism and encourages overeating. If you don’t want to feel like you’re going to explode this break, make sure to eat something in the morning. A yogurt or piece of fruit will do.

Eat slowly.

I know the food looks and smells delicious but, unless you live with a pack of wolves, the food will most likely still be there by the time you finish bits of it. It takes your brain twenty minutes to register fullness so take your time eating, enjoy it, savor it, don’t just choke it down. Try just putting your fork down between bites and talking to the people around you. This will help you slow down the shoveling process.

Eat more vegetables.

The turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing are great but they’re also very filling. If you put more vegetables on your plate, you can eat more of those for less calories and you won’t feel as grossly full in an hour.


Ben Franske,

Try not to eat seconds.

I know it’s good. I know you want to eat more of it but try to resist. There will definitely be leftovers if your family cooks as much as mine. You’ll be able to experience the wonderful flavors of Thanksgiving the next day for lunch or dinner.

Stay hydrated.

Drink water throughout the day. Most of the time when we feel hungry, we’re actually thirsty because we’re dehydrated. Keep drinking water and that will help regulate your body and you can process everything you eat better. Plus you should drink water regularly throughout the day anyway.

Take precautions.

If you wear a tight pair of jeans, you’ll know when you’ve hit your max. Your pants will be tight and uncomfortable so you know to take it easy. If you don’t care about eating too much then unbutton your pants and take a deep breath before digging back in.

Don’t worry about a diet. 

It takes a long time of overeating to gain weight so one day of an increased diet won’t be so detrimental. Just be smart about the day. But it’s Thanksgiving. Eat!


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