President Fiorentino answers students’ pressing questions

COMM 290
Class Reporters

Photo courtesy of Alex Wahl

President Michael Fiorentino recently visited a news reporting class   to talk about what he does on a daily basis, the construction on campus, what he sees for LHU’s future and more.

Q:What does your work day consist of?

President Fiorentino: “I work with alumni and meet with vice presidents and faculty members. I deal with current responsibilities and future ones for the university.”

 Q:Why did you apply to Lock Haven University?

PF: “When I was considering leaving the position I was in before, my wife and I wanted to be in a place where we felt comfortable and where we were able to engage on campus and in the community. I also appreciated that a high priority here at Lock Haven is the student’s education.”

Q:Students have noticed Woolridge Hall being renovated now. What are your plans after that is complete?

PF: “Smith Hall will be renovated next. Ventilation needs improvement on all floors. The entrance will be more attractive and functional for students and their families. The bathrooms will be separated.”

 Q: Explain to us your plans for Sullivan Hall next fall?

PF: “We plan on tearing down Sullivan Hall to make it an amphitheater. The point of the amphitheater is to be used for orientation, club meetings, musical performance, marching band performance and any other recreational use.”

Q:Are you satisfied with the new renovation that replaces Russell Hall?

PF: “The tearing of Russell was very important. I like it. It provides a different feel for faculty and students.”

Q: Are there any other renovation plans?

PF: “The next construction following Smith Hall will be the PUB. It is need of renovating. We are looking to improve the entrance of the PUB, update their computer systems, the game room and the bookstore. The side entrance facing the Student Recreation Center will be considered.

Q: How do you feel about the studying abroad opportunity students have?

PF: “The studying abroad options students can be apart of each semester is up to par. I like how faculty are allowed to travel with these students as well. People approach things differently when discovering a large city.”

Q: Were you able to design your new office?

PF: “No I wasn’t. I’m very pleased with the outcome; they did a nice job in using the space appropriately. Now, we have a space which holds all the executives in one area making it more convenient. I didn’t plan this, but I probably have the best view on campus overlooking the river, it’s extremely beautiful.”

Q:What would be one thing you would like seen improved on campus in ten years?

PF: “I would focus more on the co-curricular activities campus offers. I want to improve classroom equipment as well as the academic programs we offer. Students need to master written, oral and partnership skills to be successful. The facilities on campus need to be improved. Recreation activities should have more leadership opportunities for students to apply for.”

Q: Lastly, What is your vision for the university down the road?

PF: “From an academic point of view, I want us to be in a position that we offer relevant and high quality programs that will lead our student to not only employment opportunities, but advancement opportunities. Secondly, I want an environment that supports the needs of students, that means the facilities have to be as current as they can be, for academic, socialization and recreational strength. My biggest aspiration is for Lock Haven University to be the number one university in the state system. You don’t need to be 20,00 students to do that, big is not better. ”


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