LHU hosts spring club fair

The Lock Haven University Student Activities Council held their spring semester club fair from 3-6p.m. on Wednesday in the Student Recreation Center. The club fair is held at the beginning of each fall and spring semester, featuring over 100 clubs available at Lock Haven University and t-shirt giveaways.


It’s time to glow and hit the books!

“This was a great way to start my semester here at LHU. Being able to get to know and meet new friends, and a free t-shirt! What college student doesn’t like free stuff?” Mentioned Shamaar Vancol a freshman majoring in Political Science. The first 300 students were given a t-shirt which read ‘Keep Calm and Glow On’.

David Bowie: Extraordinary musician returns to the stars

Bowie’s “Blackstar” is a 7-track jazz phenomenon that will go down in my book as one of his greatest albums of all time. From the opening track of the same name as the album it’s clear Bowie has set us up for a wonderful treat that perfectly embodies Bowie’s heart, soul and legacy.

Top 5 movies to watch while weathering the blizzard

The recent weather aside, this time of year Lock Haven is usually a wintry mess of sky dandruff we call snow. Everywhere else seems to be getting hammered with the stuff, so you should all be prepared for when we inevitably get hit with a blizzard. For you freshmen (and other dear readers), here are five movies you should watch on a snow day.

“Star Wars”: The force might not be strong in this one

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” returns the storied space opera franchise to its roots. The newest entry sees the return of characters and cast members from the original film trilogy while introducing some new protagonists for the obviously planned continuation of the new storyline. While the film tweaks the nostalgic impulses of long time fans of the series, it fails in some respects to recapture the charm that has driven the franchise’s popularity.

Student of the Week: You’re talking to an astronaut

When you see this freshman’s majors, you think, “Overworked nerd that gets no sleep.” And when you see this freshman on the LHU Swim team, you think, “Athlete with a chlorine-damaged brain.” It’s hard to combine the two but once you meet Kelly, you know that it’s somehow possible.

First semester was fun, now it’s time to work

Finals week last semester might have been a wake-up call to most freshmen. College isn’t easy. You should realize that now. This isn’t high school where you can put minimum effort in and still pass your classes with flying colors. College is a job in itself. You need to put effort into your classes, you need to go to your classes, you need to do the work and you need to study. Some people, like myself, never studied in high school. But now, in college, I’ve studied longer and in more ways than I ever thought possible.