But why is the snow gone?

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer


Photo by flyupmike via pixabay.com

It is typical for people to complain during winter about how they want it to be summer already and vice versa. Usually I’m the one not complaining because seasons come and go and we have no control over it, but this winter I don’t care who complains because I’ll complain right along with you!

I thought last winter was bad, but last winter is nothing compared to this winter. Last winter we had a few snow falls, a couple of two-hour delays, and a day or two off from school. I didn’t mind the negative degree weather because after all, it was winter.

However, this winter there are some days when it feels like negative ten degrees and other days when it feels like sixty degrees. I can’t take the back and forth changes anymore!

Also, was Lock Haven the only place to not get hit with that huge blizzard? My hometown is right outside of Philly and my parents sent me pictures of the three feet of snow they received, yet here we are with less than an inch and it is all melted.


Photo by Sorbyphoto via pixabay.com

If it is winter, I expect freezing temperatures, snow falling from the sky, and frost on my windshield. What I got this winter is the Snow Miser and Heat Miser fighting for control over Lock Haven’s weather.

We may not be able to control the weather but I don’t think the weather even knows what it wants anymore! If this is what winter is like, is summer going to be the same way?

I remember last year when it felt like winter was going to take over summer, but then summer crept its way back into the spotlight. I hope this year summer creeps up a little faster.

The one thing you can always count on when living in Lock Haven is strange weather. I have been here for four years and am still confused by it.

For now, stay warm during the cold days and watch out, because the snow can’t skip over Lock Haven forever.

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