Commuting conundrums cause cars chaos

Kathleen Ellison

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This winter so far has been truly a miracle beyond belief, especially for people like me who commute. I know for many commuting can be awful, especially for freshmen. It’s also particularly awful for me in the winter.

I live out in the country on a beautifully scenic hill. My rocky driveway snakes about said hill for almost a third of a mile. My driveway and hill have been described in many ways such as: a glorified logging trail, Grinch hill, terrifying, a death trap and my personal favorite “that place in ‘Criminal Minds’ where the serial killer always takes his victims to.”

When I was younger, even my friend’s mother refused to drive up it in the summer, I would have to walk down to meet them.

Consequently, when winter hits, my normally intimidating driveway turns into an icy slide that not even a friendly Jamaican bobsled team would try going down (plus 100 points if you got that obscure reference).

The edges of my driveway don’t really have guard rails so it’s just this steep drop off to some trees and pond that ice and snow seem determined to send you to. Surprisingly, many don’t like the idea of sliding off the edge of my driveway to go tumbling down to their death.

Normally this isn’t a problem, I’ve gotten so good at sliding up and down my driveway in my Taurus, I could probably star in “Fast and Furious: The Ice Age.”

I’ve also nailed down exactly how early I need to leave to make sure my car doors won’t freeze open and suddenly fly open on the highway (for real that actually happened to me). Also, yes I said freeze open not close.


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Despite my winter prowess, time and time again I found myself stuck in icy or snowy conditions unable to get to school (at least not in timely manner). I even missed a final once it was so bad.

It frustrates me to no end, especially since Lock Haven is not the best when it comes to delays or cancellations. Luckily, I’ve had so many wonderful professors who know how difficult it can be to commute, but every now and then I’ve had one that just doesn’t care because if they can make it so can you.

So, often times my fear of uncaring professors will make me borrow a car that can handle the driveway and roads, but that leads to another problem. If I borrow a car that can handle the weather I can’t park on campus because it doesn’t have my decal.

Which brings me to the decal, I honestly don’t understand why we can’t use permits that can be hung from a mirror, so that if we need to use a different car we can just move it.

So Lock Haven University, when the snow hits (as I feel it eventually will), remember your commuters.

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