Are cellphones taking over the world?

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer

Photo by jests via

If you ask most people what are three things they have on them at all times, one of those things is bound to be their cellphone, more specifically smartphone.

Smartphones are great. So many things can be done on a smartphone; personally, I have my calendar on my phone that gives me warnings thirty minutes before any class or meeting. Smartphones definitely come in handy, but can we live without them?

This question has bothered me for a long time now. I would like to think that if I had my flip phone back that I would be okay with it, but, to be honest, I would feel left out. It would feel like I couldn’t communicate as well with my friends or family.

Also, my group messages would get confusing and harder to respond to. A flip phone would allow me the basics but, in the twenty first century, basics just don’t seem like enough.

I could go a week or two without my phone as long as I kept myself busy with other things or a camping vacation or something along those lines. After those two weeks, however, I would most likely come back to my smartphone and have a ton of emails, text messages, phone calls, you name it!


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I would get so overwhelmed with responding to everything that I wouldn’t want to leave my phone behind again just so I could keep up with everything as it happens.

But back to the original question: can we live without smartphones? I think the answer is no.

Unless you still have a flip phone or other non-smartphone, then I feel like we are attached and addicted to our phones. As soon as smartphones came out, laws pertaining to not texting and driving or talking on the phone while we drive started becoming more prominent. People started texting and not paying attention while they walk, and began using their cellphones more in the workplace.

When are we going to learn that smartphones and cellphones in general aren’t appendages? Cell phones don’t rule our lives even though that’s how we treat them. Everyone should take time away from their phones and see what is beyond the screen because you will probably find that life is more exciting when you are fully involved.


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