Nerding Out: Everyone has a story to tell

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

Image by RednBlue (Painting by Sir Walter Raleigh) via Wikimedia commons

I love stories. I could talk about all the stories I know all day but I’ll sum it up to the kinds of stories. They’re everywhere and in everything your senses pick up. I latch onto all of them because I think they’re interesting. They’re all worth listening to.


There are stories in your memories; stories you remember or don’t remember, and even stories you only remember with a little prompting. Your senses help bring your memories forward. You may catch a whiff of something that makes you remember your favorite food and the last time you had it. You may hear a song that reminds you of something you did while listening to it. You may walk around your house and see your family sitting by the fireplace laughing or your sibling and you playing a game that caused that dent in the trim.

All of these are stories and you don’t even realize it. Our brains are addicted to stories and so we are constantly replaying them in your heads. So listen when people tell you a memory, they’re telling you a story that means a lot to them. A story that helped shape them in some way.

Books HD

Photo by Ahbi Sharma via

There are stories in everything around you. Stories in the old, rundown buildings you drive by: what happened in there when it was still usable? Who lived there? When? Stories in the furniture you use: Who made it? What stories were told around it? Who used it? Everything has a story.

There are stories in the music you listen to; some songs tell it clearly while others you have to really listen. But there’s even a story behind its creation: Who wrote it? Why did they write it? What happened while they were writing it? Why do some songs touch our soul? Because their story connects to your story in some way?

Movies tell us stories through pictures; They let us check out of reality and watch stories come to life as they get more and more elaborate and creative as technology improves.

Then there are my favorite kinds of stories: books. Books are all-consuming. They tell stories so well and so clearly and with so much detail that you get sucked inside and become the story. You are the characters. You fight the bad guy. You go on adventures. You have 360 degrees of a new world around you and it’s all in the pages of a book. It’s amazing. You can go to any world and experience anything you want. The power of a story is truly amazing. They can take you anywhere: the past, future or a new undiscovered world.


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