What grinds my gears: the word “we”

Jayson Moyer
Managing Editor

Photo by geralt via pixabay.com

It is a term that has driven me insane since I was in elementary school.  It is the simple word “we.”

It doesn’t drive me nuts when people use it to tie together themselves with another person, but it drives me absolutely bonkers when sports fans use the word “we” when referring to themselves and the team.

The reason is that as a sports fan, you are not part of the team.  You may think you are because you cheer very loudly from your couch, but let’s be clear, you aren’t making a difference on the field, court, or ice.

Phrases such as, “Man, we stink,” or, “Wow, we are such a great team,” are becoming redundant from my perspective.  There is simply no use for it.


Photo by unknown via Wikimedia commons

Don’t get me wrong, I 100 percent understand both the emotional and monetary investments that a sports enthusiast will make into their teams.  That’s not even a question.  When you grow up worshiping Philadelphia sports teams, in a family that treats each Sunday during football season as a holiday in itself, you want your favorite teams to excel and succeed.

Tying yourself in with a sports team by saying “we” has nothing to do with passion, it has nothing to do with love for the team and it has nothing to do with the investment you have into your favorite teams.

It simply has to do with thinking you are a bigger, overall part of an organization than you are.  Instead of “we,” maybe using “they” or referring to the team’s name would be better.

A fan has zero effect into what goes on during the course of a game or season, and that’s why this grinds my gears.


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