Advice from a love expert for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Jayson Moyer
Managing Editor

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It is that time of year again, with lots of people scrambling trying to find last-minute, cute and creative gifts for their significant other.  Creativity is key because anyone can go out and get the usual flowers, the chocolate and the teddy bears.  Not that those aren’t good gift ideas, but thinking outside the box will take your game up to a whole new level.

Here are some proper things one should do and not do when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Do Research

I don’t necessarily mean research as in going on the internet and trying to find different and cool gifts.  I mean taking note of the small things that your significant other appreciates.  It is vastly important to take in small, side comments one would make and store them in your brain.  It could be something as small as, “Wow, I’d love this,” in reference to anything in general.  If you are out shopping, take note of something he/she might pick up.  The small things go the furthest in life.

Be yourself and know the “type” of your significant other

This goes for every other day of the year besides Valentine’s Day as well.  While it may be important to go out of your comfort zone at times, don’t feel the urge to do it on Valentine’s Day.  It is also a smart idea to know the “type” of your significant other.  By “type” I mean take note of whether they are into fancy or just casual and go with the flow.

If they are casual, don’t need much, and are pleased with very little, then you should not feel the need to drop $200 on a necklace.  A nice dinner and a couple of smaller, more meaningful gifts go a much longer way than one very expensive gift.  I am of the mind-set that not many girls are into fancy, fancy.


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Girls: DON’T expect him to appreciate Valentine’s Day as much as you

I think it is a pretty fair point that girls tend to be more into the lovey-lovey stuff than guys.  You’ll come across the occasional guy who is very emotional, loves the little things as much as you and will spill his heart out on you, too.  Unless the guy is a total rockhead, there is undoubtedly going to be thought that goes into Valentine’s Day.  But don’t expect the emotional connection to February 14 from him.  There are opportunities for bigger and better dates throughout the year.

Guys: Don’t be bland, think outside the box

It seems easier said than done, but if you put the time and effort into putting something creative together, it will mean that much more in the long run.  For example, instead of buying the $40 huge teddy bear, spice it up.  Still buy the $40 teddy bear, but put some sort of clothing on it, just make sure it’s something the girl will appreciate.

I failed with this strategy once, but it was a heartfelt effort in order to get my girlfriend of two years to understand my biggest passion in my life.  I bought the huge teddy bear and put a Duke jersey and Duke shorts on it.  Needless to say, the message wasn’t received clearly because we broke up after two and a half years and she still couldn’t tell me what my favorite college basketball team was.

Little and creative gestures like that will warm her heart, as long as you do it right.


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