Cam Newton: Is being a sore loser a bad thing?

Alex Sklar
Guest Writer
Chris Canty, Cam Newton

Cam Newton, photo by Keith Allison via

To get to the Super Bowl is a great achievement, winning the Super Bowl is even greater. Imagine what it feels like to lose the biggest game of your life.

Cam Newton lost the biggest game of his career this past weekend and is being ridiculed in the media for being a “sore loser” and that he should have finished his press conference.

Are you kidding me? You just lost the biggest game of your life not even 30 minutes prior. You are in a media room with a half inch thick piece of fabric separating you from the opposing team’s players. Meanwhile, you are hearing every single word they are saying, describing how their defense made your team look silly, and how they “challenged you to throw the ball and look what happened.”

The best part of this is that this is occurring during your interview on “why you lost the game.” Tell me how you are supposed to sit there and take that?

He should be angry that he lost; he should feel as if he let down his teammates. They are his brothers. If I were Cam, I’d walk right out of that interview as well.

There’s not a single chance I’d sit there and hear the reporters ask the same questions over and over again. “You lost the game, you didn’t score enough points, and you didn’t make enough plays.” What more do you want me to say? He obviously feels terrible he lost the biggest game of his career.

I cannot believe people expect an athlete who has dedicated and trained his whole life for the sport he loves to play, and to think that this athlete is going to be okay with losing. This isn’t the seventh grade recreational football league.

“Oh good try Cam, here is a participation medal, thanks for playing even though you lost.” He has every right to be a sore loser. He lost a championship that he may never get back to in his career, and the media thinks it’s just another game.

It’s not just another game. I don’t know how it’s that hard to see, it’s what makes you great.

I cannot believe the media is tearing someone apart for caring so much that he couldn’t sit there and listen or think about what happened anymore. He could have blamed everyone else but he didn’t. He was a “sore loser” and left instead of ripping his team or damaging his image.

But don’t worry though, they said they are going to mail him his participation trophy. Thanks for playing, Cam.


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