Student of the Week: An aspiring author

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

Name: Tyler Tallmadge

Year: Sophomore

Major: English Writing

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.07.37 PM

Photo courtesy of Amanda Thomas

There is no grace or order in choosing the student of the week. It’s completely random. I plopped myself down at a random table with random people (okay, I may have known one of them) and bombarded them with my title and the reason a random person invited herself to sit down at their lunch table. Apparently, I didn’t sell it well because the reactions were hesitant but eventually Tyler stepped up to being student of the week.

Surprisingly, Tyler and I have a lot in common and it’s not just our major. We both love stories. To Tyler Tallmadge, stories are his future. This aspiring author loves to read and, obviously, write but he also has a goal of being a college English professor. His favorite class is his Creative Nonfiction Workshop because he feels that he finally gets to write the kind of content he wants and do it in a very creative way.

Tyler is partial to fictional stories and loves the Harry Potter series. His awesomeness increases even more because he has a Harry Potter tattoo to match his love for the stories. Obviously, his favorite author is J. K. Rowling.

When Tyler isn’t reading or writing, he’s an avid Netflix watcher and loves to play video games. On campus he’s the secretary of Circle K International club; a club devoted to community service. He also dreams of a vacation is Paris, France and hopes to travel there one day to take in the sights.

Whenever I see Tyler, I see him surrounded by a group of friends and after meeting them and asking, they describe him as funny, sassy, incredibly intelligent and stylish, especially with his Harry Potter scarf. Tyler seems like a fun guy to be around so if you see him around campus say, “Hi!”


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