All-Star should be all out

Alex Sklar
Staff Writer

Photo by Funky Axel via

The NBA held it’s annual All Star event this past weekend with a wide variety of events.

It all starts out with the NBA all star celebrity game, the rising stars skills challenge, the NBA D-League all star game, the skills challenge, the three point contest, the dunk contest and then the doozy of them all the NBA All-Star game.

Sure, the dunk contest did make a comeback this year, and credit is deserved where credit is due. With the three point contest, we saw two teammates, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, battle it out. Even in the skills challenge, we saw a big man win the competition, Karl-Anthony Towns.

Those were all the pre-events. They were supposed to be the “hype” for one of the “best all star games we were going to see.” This was going to be the legend, Kobe “Bean” Bryant’s going out party, and this game was going to embrace his competitive style.


We saw the worst display of an All-Star game since I can remember in my life watching the games. Everybody and their brother were just launching three’s. The west team alone shot 80 three pointers. EIGHTY. In a single game.

Usually there is a little defense played and the game gets intense for a stretch.


Photo by ESPN First Take via

Not this year. No intensity at all, yet I thought “Eh, maybe we will see something.”

Kobe vs. LeBron? Nope LeBron slapped the floor like a little girl and laughed and joked with Kobe. This was the worst game I have ever watched.

If you were a paying fan, wouldn’t you want to see the “best players in the world” actually compete against each other? Not just throwing easy lob dunks and shooting uncontested shots for the whole game.

The whole premise of the game was a joke. Why even hold the game if the players aren’t going to show off their skills?

The players should want to go out and play hard against the best out there. If the players are so good and always “want to play for titles against the best,” why not show up and prove you are the best player in the biggest spotlight when all the other “all stars” are there watching?

Because someone said “Sweet, the All-Star game is on tonight. I can’t wait to watch. It should be a great game.”


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