Get clubbin’ Sims fans, ‘Get Together’ is a must have expansion

Mike Eubanks
Staff Writer

Photo by Kpopp via

With all of the stuff packs coming out for “The Sims 4,” it’s a good idea to look back at the last big release of the game.

“The Sims 4: Get Together“ is the second expansion pack for the “Sims 4,” and it was released on Dec. 8. It is now available in both digital and retail box versions.

While the pack is not the most cohesive in terms of content, it does provide new diversions that will keep the franchise’s diverse player base entertained until the next content release.

The expansion requires the base game to play, so this review assumes some familiarity with the franchise.

As the title implies, this pack expands the social options for the game’s digital inhabitants. It accomplishes this primarily through the addition of clubs, which are semi-permanent groups formed around common interests. The clubs themselves are extremely flexible, and they add an element of gameplay customization that is new to the series. The clubs can also earn perks, similar to the base game’s reward traits, which improves the gameplay in various ways.

The clubs also add a layer of management for the player, so they are a mixed enhancement.

The pack also adds a decent amount of content to the build mode of the game. Those who like the creative elements of the game will have plenty of new options to toy around with. In addition to the build content, the expansion also adds a new neighborhood and some additional public lot types.

On the downside, the new pack brings new bugs and glitches to the mix. While most of them are not game breaking, some of them are annoying and pervasive. The team does a fairly good job of addressing the technical issues in regular patches, but the current state of the title is definitely not bug free.

“Get Together” is a decent pack which adds enough to the core game to justify its price. Like all Sims expansions, the new content is heavily integrated into the existing game.

Given the mixed reception of the Sims 4, this pack is unlikely to change anyone’s mind. For those who like the base game, however, “Get Together” is highly recommended.


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