Pranks to keep your roommates on their toes

Kiersten Beecher
Staff Writer

Photo by TreyvalanPanda via

So after some lengthy research, it is safe to say my roommates should start sleeping with one eye open from now on. Most pranks are either too complicated or I am too lazy to follow through with them but I have made a list of some easy and harmless pranks that will break through some of your mid semester stress.

Switch cereal bags: 

This isn’t anything too diabolical and all you need is two different boxes of cereal. Just switch the bags inside and watch your roommate’s confusion when they go to pour their favorite cereal and get the opposite.

Taped Sensor: 

Put a piece of paper and some tape over the sensor on a remote or wireless mouse, and then sit back and watch the struggle.

Surprise Bowl: 

Mix a bag of M&Ms with a bag of skittles and a bag of Reese’s Pieces in a big bowl. Your roommate won’t know what hit them.

Or you could step it up with some pranks that require a little extra effort but it can be worth it as long as you know your roommate will be okay with these shenanigans.

Balloon Party:

For this, you need a couple of trash bags, some tape and a bunch of balloons. Tear the trash bags in half and tape them together to make a tarp then tape the bottom of the tarp to the door frame to make a pouch and start filling it with a balloons. Then tape up the top and wait. Once the door opens, the person will be showered in an avalanche of balloons and who can be mad about that.

Toilet Paper the bed: 

This isn’t something you should do unless you know your roommate will react well but it can be hilarious. While your roommate is sleeping wrap them AND their bed in toilet paper. When they wake up, they will be stuck and hopefully after they get themselves unstuck they will have a good laugh.

Plastic wrap or wrapping paper: 

You could even take it a step further and wrap their whole room in either plastic wrap or wrapping paper. This can be time consuming but also pretty funny for everyone involved just remember to recycle all of that paper after.

So keep your roommates on their toes this semester, and get creative.


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