Retro recordings are real

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer

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Music lovers enjoy its sound, hipsters pretend they know everything about it and business people are seeing another peak in sales after many years: I’m calling this one, The Great Vinyl Debate!

After many years of slow sales, teenagers and young adults have brought back record players and vinyl. Personally, I’m cool with this decision since I’ve been obsessed from a young age.

So a little background for those who don’t know much about vinyl; there are three main sizes 78, 45 and 33 1/3 revolutions per minute or RPM. The different sizes determine how many turns per minute the vinyl makes on the turntable. The most common size is 33 1/3 RPM because it holds 40 to 60 minutes of music in total while 45 RPM only holds about five minutes per side. 78 RPM is not a frequent occurrence.

Many artists will put their ‘singles’ out on 45’s and their full album out on 33 1/3’s. This was only until the compact disc or, I’m sorry we don’t use that term, ‘CD’ took over in the 1990’s.

The debate is which sounds better, vinyl or CD? I’ll say what a lot of people will disagree with, vinyl sounds better.

People who grew up listening to CDs, like myself, will usually always go with CDs sounding better because that is what we know. But, I’m here to say that records are the real deal.

If you want genuine sounding, warm music flowing into your ears, then a vinyl is exactly what you need. The raw voices coming from a turntable are irreplaceable.

CDs are great because they give off a clean sound with no mistakes and the music can be downloaded to a computer or phone.

I have a huge problem with the clean sound, however. Auto-tune is used entirely too much and the clean sound we hear is not the actual voice of the artist most times.

How many of you have gone to a concert and got disappointed because the artists doesn’t sound as good in person or they use autotune on stage? Yeah, I’ve been there too. Records are a more true representation of what an artist sounds like.


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Granted, records are more sophisticated these days and auto-tune is included on them now, but that’s another opinion for another day.

Now that I’ve stated my opinion on vinyl vs. CD, let’s talk about the twenty-first century voices that belong on vinyl. Let’s face it, some voices are just better than others and can perform a raw set and sound amazing! The first person who comes to mind is Adele.

Adele sounds the same on CD, vinyl and live; this is a truly amazing feat! Some other artists that can pull off vinyl quite well are Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, John Legend and Duffy. All of these people can sing, and I mean actually sing, without autotune, with only a band backing them up, just themselves and a microphone.

If you are one of those people who have a record player just for fun, take a minute and actually appreciate the sounds coming from your turntable.


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