S-Day: Operation white out on campus

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

Photo by Dr. Marcus Gossler via wikimedia.org

Who didn’t love this week’s snow day? Waking up to that text or email was the best thing to happen to all of us this semester, I’m sure of it. College snow days are a little bit more magical than elementary, middle or high school snow days because they’re practically the physical manifestation of the Lord. They’re a sign from the heavens that you need and deserve a break. But what do you do on this campus-wide holiday?

Unfortunately, college snow days aren’t like the snow days of the past where you had all your homework done and didn’t need to do one spec of schoolwork. College snow days are a little different. These are the days we spend catching up on all the work we procrastinated. They’re a break in the space-time continuum so you can have a few more hours to get that paper done or actually do the reading that was due that day.

But if you plan everything right, you can have the best snow day. Here’s the plan:

Step 1: Sleep

Catch up on the sleep you haven’t gotten in weeks but don’t overdo it. Reset your alarm somewhere between 10 and noon if you’re someone who loves to and can sleep late. If you’re one of those people who wake up early naturally or just can’t sleep once they’re awake, I’m sorry, proceed to step two.

Step 2: Food

Eat the breakfast (or lunch/brunch) that you haven’t had time for. Go to Bentley or stay home and make yourself a big meal full of deliciousness. Move on to step three.

Step 3: Homework

Get right to your homework so you don’t have to worry about it. Catch up, get your work done. Don’t worry about getting ahead today, it’s a snow day. Just get caught up. Proceed to step four. If you’re someone who likes being ahead of everything, keep working; you’re someone to be admired but I’m going onto step four as soon as I get my stuff done.

Step 4: Catch up on life

You’ve procrastinated everything else, now get those errands done. Go to Walmart for food so you don’t starve for the rest of the semester when you don’t have time to go. Go pick up your prescriptions so you don’t die. Take out the trash before you die of fumigation. Do some cleaning because we’re all disgusting and now you have time to rectify that. Once the to-do list you’ve been putting off is complete, move onto step five.


Photo by Appraiser via wikimedia.org

Step 5: Relax

Have a movie planned for the next snow day. Have it ready to go for when the cancellation god smiles down upon you. If you don’t like movies, make sure you have a book handy because it’s time to snuggle under the blanket and dive into a new world. Not a reader? Guess what? You now have the rest of the day to play that video game you don’t have time for or do whatever it is you love to do. How about a craft?  If there’s enough snow on the ground (come on, Winter! I believe in you!), you are required by law to make a snowman. I read that somewhere, I swear.

Step 6: Don’t make dinner

Order out. The school says it’s not safe to go outside so don’t. Hire someone else to make and bring your dinner to you. Chinese anyone? How about some pizza? It’s now your time to relax so who wants to actually cook?

If you have a plan for the next snow day, you’ll definitely make the most of it.


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