Student of the Week: Melissa’s moving forward

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.20.55 PM

Photo courtesy of Amanda Thomas

Name: Melissa Myers

Year: Sophomore

Major: Health Science Pre Physical Therapy

This week’s student of the week was easy to find because she was sitting at the table next to mine and her friends immediately called her out to be interviewed, but for good reason. Melissa’s friends describe her as a high energy girl, who’s always up to something new which I could totally understand after learning more about her.

She majors in pre-physical therapy because her goals for the future include opening her own physical therapy practice somewhere close to home. This is definitely the right path for her because her favorite class is Anatomy and Physiology. Melissa enjoys it because she finds the body interesting and likes to see how everything works. She wants to be able to help people and make them better with this kind of knowledge.

On campus, she’s the Vice President of Safe Haven, a club dedicated to promoting health and wellness around campus. They address things like safe sex and safe drinking practices with events around campus. She spends a lot of time at the REC as well because she’s on in intramural dodgeball team, so someone go check out a game!

Melissa’s friends also described her as hard working which is totally understandable because she spent her snow day studying, taking quizzes and doing homework. That’s admirable because I spent my day accomplishing nothing. She at least got errands done.

Melissa is a type-1 diabetic and she says that it’s made her more adaptable but it hasn’t really affected her life in a major way. She seems so chill about it, though, I know you have to be a strong person to have that in your life. There’s a lot to admire about Melissa and for some, it might be because of her football team of choice. She’s a big Patriots fan.

She likes to spend her time outdoors and enjoys hiking. So maybe when she finally gets to go on her dream vacation to Hawaii, she’ll hike up the mountains. Or she’ll spend her time on the beaches, sipping a piña colada and sightseeing.

Finally, if Melissa had a million dollars she’d buy a Cadillac Escalade, pay off her debt and make a donation to the American Diabetes Association. For only being a sophomore, Melissa seems sure of herself and her goals, but look out because even she said that she’s always scheming something up.


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