The man behind the mask

Alex Wahl
Staff Writer

bannerxHave you ever thought about who was the Bald Eagle at all LHU sporting events? The answer to that question is me.

You’re probably wondering why I choose to reveal one of the biggest mysteries on campus.

The reason is because I’m retiring. Even though I really don’t want to, I feel like this is the time to move on and prepare for the real world before graduating next semester. These past two years has been the best years of my life. The cheerleaders have been spectacular and the atmosphere I brought by being in a tail-feather is amazing. Even though this isn’t a paying job, it feels great to bring joy to people, which is what I crave.

I know I’m not nearly as good as some college mascots like the Nittany Lion at Penn State, the Owl at Temple or even the Blue Devil at Duke, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters to me is that I’m good at what I do and I have enjoyed every minute of it, even when the little kids at a game would hit my tail or pull on my feathers.

One thing that is tough about being a mascot is the demand and commitment.  For example, I have been writing for the Eagle Eye for the last three years, currently as a sports writer. I found it difficult to maintain my position on the paper while being the mascot. I suppose that’s why I was not promoted to sports editor. I had to make sacrifices in order to do what I love.

As the Bald Eagle, I had to keep my identity to couldn’t say a word about my job to any fan, only my supervisor.  You also can’t tell anybody that you are the mascot except your family or roommates or anybody that you are close to; but now that I’m retiring, I might as well tell everybody what I have been doing.

Another thing about being the mascot is that every mascot makes mistakes. I certainly have made mistakes like bumping into someone and making them drop their hot dog; but that’s life. Everybody makes mistakes. When they happen, you just have to move on and continue what you do.

Just make sure it doesn’t happen again and buy the man another hot dog.

But there is one thing I will remember for the rest of my life: entertaining the children. I absolutely love bringing joy to people, especially the little ones. When I see a kid get excited about seeing the Bald Eagles, I am overjoyed. The best memory I have, as shown below, was about a week ago at a basketball game when I saw a little girl in a Bald Eagle sweater. I was so close to getting down on my knees to cry because she was so adorable. The cheerleaders also noticed the little eagle and we all decided to take a photo with her. I don’t know where she got the eagle sweater, but I want to get one for my future children if I have any.

To close this out, if there is anybody who wants to be the Bald Eagle next year, I strongly encourage you to do so. Even though it’s not a paying job, you will make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.You can either talk to me via email or talk to the Sports Information Director, Doug Spatafore, at the Thomas Field House.

Do you want to be secretly famous? Put on the suit and do what you do.


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