Week in Review: February 11 – February 17

Josh Cenderelli
Staff Writer

Supreme Justice Scalia, Photo by US Mission Geneva via wikimedia.org

Supreme Court member dies

Justice Scalia, 79, was found dead over President’s day weekend at a Texas resort. His three decade long reign in the Supreme Court, made him a prominent voice in American Life. However, his death has only fueled debate in the Senate with Obama wanting to fill the vacancy, but to win conformation in the Republican controlled Senate would be extremely difficult. There has also been many conspiracy theories to come out around his death saying the Obama Administration killed him. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court will find it hard to fill the role of such an intelligent, acerbic individual.

“Deadpool” exceeds expectations

“Deadpool” took home 152 million on its extended opening weekend with anti-hero Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, at center stage. This hero has ascertained a cult following because of his lack of conventional hero attributes. The merc’ with a mouth also broke several records including the biggest R-rated opening, passing the Matrix’s 91.8 million, and the biggest X-Men movie, beating X-Men: The Last Stand with 102.7 million.


Photo by ESPN First Take via youtube.com

NBA All-Star Weekend has its ups and downs

The NBA All-Star Weekend, taking place in Toronto, Canada this year, gave Toronto the opportunity to showcase itself to the rest of the NBA. However, below freezing temperatures for the weekend made it difficult for people to get around and see the vibrancy of the city. Other backlash came towards Nelly Furtado who received much disappointment for her rendition of “O Canada.” Russell Westbrook and Michael Jordan were the biggest winners of the weekend. Westbrook was able to continue to show his athleticism and personality and took home the MVP award. Michael Jordan, who retired 13 years ago, still maintains himself as the biggest star of the sport. He presented the honors to his Charlotte Hornets as next year’s All-Star Weekend hosts.

Oil production set to freeze


Photo via freeimages.com

Crude oil futures have been consistently falling so far in 2016, which has proved helpful and problematic. The USA is simultaneously the world’s top oil producer, importer and consumer of oil. It is great for consumers because they can save money on gasoline and use it elsewhere in the economy, or it can prove harmful if they choose to save it. It becomes tough to understand, looking back. However, the freeze coming from Russia and Saudi Arabia who are looking for help from other OPEC producers will see an increase in oil prices.




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