Let’s talk about spring break

Kristi Bechdel
Staff Writer

Photo by BeachfrontSolutions via flickr.com

Spring break is an exciting time for students. It’s the week during the semester when we get to sleep in every day and be as lazy as we want to be. This is also the week to play catch up on school work if you need to. I know I have done plenty of schoolwork over my last three spring breaks here. If you’re not doing homework or sleeping, most of us spend our spring breaks picking up as many shifts at work as possible. I know this year those few extra shifts will help me a lot.

If you don’t want to work or travel, use this week to relax, pick up a hobby or continue projects you had to put aside because of the semester. Check Pinterest for some cool DIY projects or pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read. I also know you’re capable of beating an entire video game from start to finish in a week. You even have in your power the ability to binge at least one show, maybe two if you try hard enough.

If you’re not one of the boring and responsible, spring break is often thought of as the time in college that you should be hitting the beach instead of the books. Beaches are a prime place to visit during spring break because who doesn’t want to leave the cold of Lock Haven and escape to the sunny warm beaches? Even if it’s chillier than you would like, just being at the beach makes everything better.

Normally when you think of beaches for spring break, you think of Florida or Cancun. These beaches would be awesome to visit but can be pricey. Beaches in Virginia, Maryland or the Carolinas are just as nice. If you want an extravagant spring break, take some advice from a senior and start saving up for it in your freshmen year. Even if you have to sacrifice fun spring break trips in your undergrad years, it would be awesome to have a last trip with your friends before you graduate. Remember that you can save a lot of money by driving rather than flying. If you share shifts, you can get to Florida in 24 hours, give or take a few.

Now if you want to travel but you don’t want to go to the beach, there are other options as well. Instead of heading south to the beaches, you can head north to the slopes. For you snow lovers skiing or snowboarding is a possible Spring break trip. Vermont offers pretty great deals when it comes to spring breaking in the north.

If none of these options interests you, one of the most affordable spring break locations is Washington D.C. Here is where you can tour history and politics for a week. This is one of the cheapest possibilities for us college students because you don’t have to fly. It doesn’t take too long to travel there by car or you can take a train, if accessible. Not all spring breaks have to be to the beach.

Wherever you travel, it will be a good time as long as you are surrounded with good company. If you chose to stay home this spring break, enjoy the time to be lazy, catching up on work or picking up shifts at your job. Have a fantastic spring break no matter what your plans are.

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