Play with effort or don’t play at all

Alex Sklar
Staff Writer

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If you’re going to play a sport in high school, college or professionally, obviously you have to try to play to the best of your abilities. So why wouldn’t you “try” or put forth your best effort when you are playing in a pickup game with your friends or random people?

It really bothers me when people go and sign up for a team, or come and play a pickup game, and they just stand around and hurt your own team. Why even come and show up if you’re going to do this? It’s a waste of everyone’s time, most importantly your own. Instead of standing around on the court not doing anything, why don’t you go and infuriate other people?

Any sport can be competitive. I don’t play with other people my age just to participate and “stand around.” I play to win; I play to be upset when we lose. I don’t want to be like you and be useless.

Plays are made during a game; there are numerous plays that occur, good and bad. When you mess up, don’t just sit there and sulk about it. You see it in the NBA all the time. Dwight Howard will miss a shot and go right to the official and pull out his blanket and bottle and cry. Rather than get back on defense, he just sits there and moans about no foul. NEWSFLASH MISTER HOWARD, the game is still going on.

That’s just as bad as showing up and not giving effort. Sure you could be “Bobby the bench-rider,” but if you come out and give it your all and you give your maximum effort, I respect you.  Bobby’s skills aren’t good or he just is plain terrible, but at least he tries. He goes out and competes.

I’d take a whole team of Bobbys before I take a team of Dwights. Taking care of children is a big responsibility.


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