Student of the Week: A magnificent butterfly

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor
Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 2.56.55 PM

Photo courtesy of Amanda Thomas

Name: Jordan Dykes

Year: Senior

Major: Graphic and Online Design

Upon accidentally whacking this guy in the face with my flying hands and apologizing profusely, I promptly sat him down for an interview. This wildly artistic specimen is a member of the Gay Straight Alliance on campus, where they help to set up events to encourage awareness of LGBTQ students on campus. Jordan is also a member of the Fine Art Society and helps to set up art shows on campus.

Jordan has two favorite classes: Electronic Art and Life Studies. He enjoys these the most because they let him express his ideas and finds them relaxing. He says they give him peace of mind. While art brings Jordan peace, he brings the opposite to his friends. They describe him as wild, fun and dorky. He always brings life to the group, or a chaotic kind of fun. Jordan is not only a great friend – he’s friends with everyone. He seems to have an endless amount of social groups and is obviously a magnificent butterfly.

In his free time, Jordan likes to draw (hence his major), read comic books and watch Disney. He should probably give up on his art dreams and go into drama because his sing-a-longs are Broadway worthy. If he doesn’t follow the suggestion to be a Broadway performer, he’d like to one day present his work in an art gallery. Jordan’s future is still up in the air, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out one day. As for right now, Jordan’s only plan for the future is to own a dog.

If Jordan had a random day off, much like our snow day, he would spend his time sleeping for the majority of the day. He admits that he would like to be able to sleep for 48 hours . . . wouldn’t we all? If he ever did wake up on his day off, he would spend the rest of his time drawing, eating or watching an assortment of TV shows. Some of his current watches are “Supernatural,” “Arrow” and “Supergirl.”

If Jordan had a million dollars, he would retire at twenty-two and travel the world. He would also make donations to a couple charities, especially Mercy for Animals. Not only is Jordan a great friend, he’s also a kind soul and loves easily. He’ll even tell you, “I love you” in Russian because that’s all he knows how to say.


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