“Daredevil” Who needs morals anyway?

Grace Harrison
Design Manager

Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. Only dirty yellow lights and the sounds of gunfire highlight the grim darkness of the city. Fearful screams pierce the air. It’s time to get to work.

“Daredevil” returned to Netflix with its second season on March 18 and, let me tell you, it’s a good thing it was on a Friday. As soon as class was over, I silenced my phone, arranged my snacks and got comfy on the couch. The bingeing had begun.

Let me catch you up. Blinded in a tragic childhood accident, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) found his remaining senses heightened far beyond the norm. He became a lawyer by day and vigilante by night. At the end of the first season, Matt managed to take down kingpin Wilson Fisk as Daredevil and put him away with help from his legal partners Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll).

With Fisk off the streets, the scum have begun to fill the void he left behind. Gangs meet in backrooms to finalize their plans. But they aren’t the only ones declaring war. Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) has set his sights on Hell’s Kitchen, and he’s determined to punish those who lurk in the shadows. It becomes a whole thing in the series.

Morality has been a constant theme with Daredevil as a character, but this season takes the time to fully examine it. How can you not talk about right and wrong when discussing a man who openly goes on killing sprees like The Punisher?  Whether you agree with his methods or not, it’s hard to deny he gets results.


Watching the characters grapple with how they feel about Castle’s crimes brings the internal struggle to the forefront. Perhaps the most striking scene is when Castle holds Daredevil captive on a roof. They exchange banter instead of fists and discuss their personal ethics. It’s the first time Frank Castle is seen as a person instead of just The Punisher. “We don’t get to pick the things that fix us, Red.”

Bernthal is the perfect choice for Castle. He pulls off being cold and calculated during his criminal killing sprees. That was never in question. Not only does he handle the emotional gravity of his character’s situation, but he’s also able to convey it with impressive subtlety. Elodie Yung is also fantastic as the mysterious Elektra, a ghost from Matt’s past.

If you watched last season you know all about the “Daredevil” fight scenes. They manage to be beautiful and brutal at the same time. Don’t worry; the close-quarter fights in shadow-filled alleys are back and better than ever. Not only is the lighting still amazing, but the sound editing is also impeccable. There are some nods to the most memorable scene last season, because how can we forget that?  Sometimes doors just make the best weapons.

“Daredevil” is everything a comic fan could ask for. Storylines and characters are true to the source material and wrapped in gritty realism that Zack Snyder would be jealous of. It checks all of the boxes and is definitely worth the binge.


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