Nerding Out: Crazy cat care for the cat lovers


Doni Matrone
Guest Writer

IMG_9506.JPGThere are many important things cat owners are unaware about when it comes to raising their pet. And it can make the difference between raising an evil, plotting world dominator or a playful little furball of love and joy. A cat is a commitment, so unless you are ready to take responsibility for a life, you should do some researching before adopting your furry feline friend.

For starters, all precious little hair balls need a place to do their business. Unless you plan on toilet training your cat you need to buy a litter box. Avoid the small boxes and invest in a bigger box. This will save you money when your kitten out grows their tiny one. Also, it may be more expensive, but spend the extra few bucks and buy your cat a cover, your cat will appreciate the privacy.

When picking up the litter box, you should also buy some accessories. A scooper, because even though cats think their poop magically disappears, it really doesn’t. A litter mat, because they will spread their litter in front of the box like confetti. And most importantly, don’t forget the litter! There will be a lot of choices, so take time and pick the type that best fits your cat’s needs.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the type of food and bowls you should buy. As for food, ask your veterinarian what kind of diet your cat should be on. Many cats require different types of food, so your best bet is to ask a vet.
As for bowls, you should look for a glass or metal bowl with low sides. Avoid plastic because your cat can smell and taste the chemicals the plastic is made out of. Low sides are important because cats have sensitive whiskers. If their whiskers touch the bowl while they eat, they will get annoyed and dump out the food or refuse to eat. Think about it this way, would you like someone touching your cheeks every time you tried to eat or drink?

cat-909895_1920.jpgWhich leads me to another important tip: Don’t put your cat’s food and water next to their litter box. It may seem convenient that all of your kitty’s things are all in one place, but you cat will find this repulsive. Once again, put yourself in their paws; would like to eat next to your toilet?

Now don’t take this the wrong way. It can seem very overwhelming–after all it’s a living creature that you are responsible for. But believe me when I say that it is all worth it. You will have a companion who will love you forever if your raise it right. And if you put the extra time in maybe you can teach it do flips and play catch like I have with my kitten. I’ll explain that along with the magic of catnip another time. That’s all for meow.


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