Student of the Week You don’t know those around you


Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

By Theresa Johnson

Name: Theresa Johnson
Year: Junior
Major: Political Science and Spanish

When you’re walking around campus, you see all of the students walking past you but you really don’t know anything about them or what they’ve accomplished. This student of the week is so much more than what she seems when you meet her for the first time. After a brief interview, I was sincerely impressed with all Theresa has done and is doing.

On campus, Theresa is president of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), which is a club focused on female empowerment. They are hosting Start Smart, a salary negotiation workshop on April 13. Theresa is also a member of Haven Leaders, which is with the Office of Excellence and Inclusion. There they mentor students coming into Lock Haven and help them build leadership techniques. They also help out with Orientation and Accepted Students Day. As if doing all of that isn’t enough, Theresa also works at the writing center and is a Haven Ambassador who gives tours around campus.

To add on to her amazing repertoire, Theresa is also the mother of a two year old girl. Her daughter takes up a lot of her free time but she also finds the time for her personal hobbies like reading and gardening. Theresa is very excited for spring.

Over spring break, Theresa spent her time looking at grad schools in Philadelphia and New York City. There she also went to museums, restaurants and did some shopping like a regular tourist, but she did like the schools as well. Theresa plans on applying for grad schools in the fall for Sociology. She wants to be a professor of Sociology and work on urban community projects which promote education and good lifestyles in urban areas. Her aim is to keep kids in school, help them with their nutrition and help them stay out of gangs.

Theresa’s favorite class is Dr. Iron’s Civil Rights Movements class and she appreciates Dr. Iron’s interest in African American communities. Theresa also loves her advisors, Dr. Harlowe and Dr. Lopez.

If Theresa had tomorrow off, she would spend her time traveling outside of Lock Haven and eating at restaurants she’s never been to. I think everyone can appreciate that as an amazing way to spend their time. To go along with her desire to travel outside of Lock Haven, Theresa’s dream vacation would be a road trip, maybe through South America or Africa, but she’d like to travel through those continents somehow. She would also like to explore the Mediterranean or just go to a place she’s never been before.

Even before she became incredibly successful in college, Theresa had the opportunity to go to an international boarding school outside of Baltimore. It was a private college prep school where kids from all over the world came to learn. Today, with a million hypothetical dollars, she would pay off her student loans, buy one of those new tiny houses that are becoming popular on HGTV and go to grad school. Overall, Theresa seems like a hardworking person destined for a bright future and one who always has her stuff together. Even her friends would describe her as such, but Theresa describes herself as incredibly lazy and says she wouldn’t get anything done without a to-do list.

Theresa is one of those people that you wouldn’t realize has done amazing things, and continues to do those amazing things, if you passed her on the sidewalk. It makes you realize that everyone you pass while walking to class, or even walking around the world in general, has a story to tell. Some stories may be more fantastic than others and some are just at their beginning, but each person has something to say and if we only took the time to listen, we’d see how amazing people can truly be.


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