‘Batman v. Superman’ brilliant but empty

Sam Shirk
A&E Editor


Whether you’re Team Wayne or Team Kent, it’s time to head over to the movies and show your support for “Dawn of Justice.”


The prologue chapter to the Justice League hit theaters on Mar. 25 which led to some very mixed reactions from critics and fans. Critics haven’t really enjoyed the first installment to the famous Superfriends team but a good chunk of fans have.

Your enjoyment of the movie depends on what your interests are as a viewer. Don’t go into “Dawn of Justice” expecting it to be nothing but the greatest battle ever, because it’s not that type of film. The story has a more philosophical feel throughout it and explores issues that we see in spurts in every vigilante movie.

“Batman v. Superman” takes place 18 months after the events of “Man of Steel,” where Superman battled General Zod and destroyed a majority of Metropolis in the battle. Batman, witnessing some of the destruction, feels Superman’s actions have been left unchecked and decides to take on the Man of Steel himself. Meanwhile, the world wrestles over what kind of hero it really needs. Manipulating each hero in the palm of his hand, the crazy Lex Luthor creates a new threat, Doomsday, which results in Batman and Superman needing to put their differences aside and work with Wonder Woman to take down the threat and save Metropolis.

“Batman vs. Superman” had a lot of pros and cons, but it’s definitely one true comic book fans are going to like. It includes plenty of Easter-eggs and geek-out moments, but it can confuse non-comic book fans. There are quite a few plot holes strewn throughout but I felt it had strong points to it.


Warner Bros.

One big strong point are all the characters. Each actor portrayed their roles well and even brought their own edge to it, as seen in Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. He nailed the charismatic, arrogant, rich genius that many actors have portrayed before and even added a more sinister edge to the character. There’s a psychopathic edge to Lex in “Batman v. Superman” that explores deeper psychological aspects not normally associated with Lex (or at least not obviously associated with him). I really enjoyed that aspect and I’m looking forward to seeing him in future movies.

One of my favorite aspects was Ben Affleck’s Batman. I felt he really nailed Bruce Wayne and made him into a far more darker, intimidating character. Batman is absolutely terrifying in the new film and he goes to different extremes than previous versions of the Dark Knight. I felt he was a definitely a worthy successor to Christian Bale.

I loved Henry Cavill’s Superman in “Man of Steel,” so I continued to love him in this film. Superman definitely kept the heart of the film, as he tends to do, and I felt Cavill portrayed him well. I definitely didn’t get a wooden feel from him.

Gal Gadot was also the perfect Wonder Woman. A lot of people didn’t like her in the trailer but I did. Sure, she was skinnier than the original Wonder Woman, but I felt she held herself in a pretty intimidating way, especially during the trio’s ultimate fight with Doomsday. She was strong, fast and powerful. Doomsday definitely felt those hits from her!

Action scenes were not an issue in this film. They were intense and the special effects behind them were a very nice addition, not to mention some of the dialogue and emotional plot points this film discovered. Seeing two of the most iconic heroes bond over something so normal really stood out to me. What’s the best way to forge a close friendship with someone? Save someone important to them.

With a stronger story and less gaps, this film could have been amazing. I was a little upset the big battle wasn’t longer but I liked the way they went about it. Batman and his gadgets–I feel bad for Superman! I felt this was a good setup to the Justice League films; I’m excited for them. Even if you don’t see this superhero flick in theaters, I do recommend you watch it at least once at home. There were plenty of dazzling moments that made up for the really bad ones. I’d rate it a 3.5 out of 5 Eagles.


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