News Briefs

Josh Cenderelli
Staff Writer

NCAA Tournament

This year’s NCAA March Madness Tournament was full of upsets and did not yield on the excitement. With the Final Four containing only one number one seed, many brackets were busted. The University of North Carolina (UNC) has remained strong throughout the tournament winning by double digits in every victory. The Tar Heels will be playing Syracuse, a tenth seed, who has shocked its way into the final four with victory after victory. The other games will be the two seed Villanova led by Ryan Arcdiacano taking on the two seed Oklahoma led by Buddy Hield, one of the best performers this March Madness Tournament. Oklahoma are slight favorites over Villanova, and North Carolina are heavy favorites over Syracuse, but it is March Madness, crazier things have happened.

US: Presidential Polls

The Primaries are still raging on in America to see who the next president might be. With the Democratic candidates still being Clinton and Sanders and the Republican candidates being Trump, Cruz and Kasich. With the Wisconsin primary coming up, all the candidates are pulling to win there, being one of the most crucial GOP primaries. Cruz is currently leading Trump, and Kasich is just hanging on to remain relevant. The hot topic this time around is immigration. 70 percent of voters support “a pathway” for illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship. With a deep analysis of the republican voters, it seems that Kasich is siphoning Cruz voters with his supporters finding Trump more favorable. Clinton leads Sanders in Wisconsin by five percent.


FBI Cracks the iPhone

giant-apple-logo-bwThe FBI was able to get into San Bernadino shooters iphone without the help of Apple earlier this week. As a result, the FBI also dropped their lawsuit against Apple as they refused to unlock the terrorists phone. The government has not released any information about what was or was not found on the phone and will not name the third party that helped unlock the phone. The unlocking of the shooters phone does pose a problem, the FBI must report back to the National Security Council because their worry is that other countries may use this method to unlock the phones of American government officials.


Jupiter hit by object

The largest planet in our solar system has been struck by an unidentified object. Videos emerged of something hitting Jupiter with a quick flash, making an impact. Amateur astronomer, Gerrit Kernbauer of Austria documented the incident. Jupiter sits on the edge of an asteroid belt, and its high gravity can pull things towards it over time. Though the object is miniscule in comparison to Jupiter the impact was very powerful. With Juno, NASA’s spacecraft, set to enter Jupiter’s orbit in a few short months, it will be the first probe to see below the planet’s dense cloud cover.


The first liver transplant between an HIV-Positive donor and recipient takes place


Doctors performed the first liver transplant between an HIV-positive donor and recipient at Johns Hopkins University. Morris Murray was diagnosed with HIV in 1987 and is still living today. An estimated 1,000 transplants between HIV-positive donors and recipients could take place per year, according to Dr. Dorry Segev.  


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