Save the date! You’ll graduate on time with summer classes

Kristi Bechdel
Staff Writer

laptop-310098_1280Summer is a time when people have free time. It’s a time to go on vacations, adventures or work to save up money for the semester. Sometimes classes can be a little larger than we would like them and sometimes all the classes you need are not offered at a time that works with your schedule. This can make scheduling a nightmare. Every semester you plan out what classes you want and need and sometimes it doesn’t all work out. When classes don’t fit into your schedule you can look into taking them over the summer.

Usually gen-ed classes are the main kind of classes offered, but why not take them and get them out of the way? Use your time on campus during the semester to work on your core classes and if a core class is offered over the summer, try to take it as well. You never know if there will be a scheduling conflict during the semesters coming and you won’t be able to take it. Better to get the classes you can out of the way so there’s less to worry about later.

Summer classes are something that people often dread because no one wants to be in class when the weather is beautiful. It may seem like you will hate those three to five weeks, but the time flies. Summer classes are generally smaller than classes throughout the year. This is a generally a benefit because the smaller the class the more one-on-one you can have with the teacher.

According to, the three greatest benefits of summer classes are smaller class size, the ability to move ahead in class work and fewer distractions. Summer classes allow you to get ahead in your curriculum. Summer classes offer fewer distractions because of the fewer people in the class and aren’t fifteen weeks long, they only last three to five weeks. While some believe having shorter classes is a benefit others see having shorter classes as a disadvantage because the class is taught at a fast pace when some students need the slower pace to understand and truly learn the material.


By bluefieldphotos bp,

Another benefit of summer classes would be that some classes are offered online. When you sign up for online classes, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own bed that day if you don’t want to, and if you live far away, you can still get your classes in while home for your summer break.

Online classes may be a benefit to some students because you don’t have to physically go to class, but they can also be a detriment because some students may slack off more when they don’t have to go daily and or they may struggle without a professor to explain things and guide them in person.

According to, some disadvantages of taking summer classes would be that a person has less downtime to enjoy summer. While taking classes to get ahead in college is a good idea, it can make it harder to get a summer job. Another disadvantage is there are normally less classes offered in the summer. This makes it challenging to move ahead in your major.

Altogether summer classes can be seen as beneficial or detrimental. Summer may be the time to live by a no-class schedule, but it can be the time to improve your school rankings. Classes in the summer may not be the best for your social life but in the end they are worth it. It’s your decision whether or not summer classes are for you or not.


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