Slattery impresses coaches, teammates

Eli Cooper
Staff Writer

10300227_10153840966101259_9119723955898092098_n-2This year, the Lock Haven University softball team has gotten off to a hot start, posting a 19-9 record so far. A big reason for that is because of the excellent play from freshman pitcher Bekah Slattery.

Slattery is leading the team in ERA, with wins and strikeouts, and has been a major reason behind the team’s success this season. Her stellar play has earned her honors such as Louisville Slugger/National Fastpitch Coaches Association Division II Pitcher of the Week along with Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) Central Pitcher of the Week.

Many people have taken notice of Slattery’s strong play, including her own teammates. Senior outfielder Katie Diehl had some very high praise for the freshman. “Bekah has become a lot more confident. She knows what she is capable of and has a don’t-back-down attitude. She trusts herself and her abilities,” said Diehl.

Even head coach Kelly Shannon has been impressed by what Slattery has been able to accomplish so early in her career. “She’s had a great start and we are pleased with it. She is the consummate athlete, so she knows that she still has room to grow and improve and I think that’s the most impressive thing about her play so far,” said Shannon.

Diehl also raved about how great of a teammate Slattery is outside of softball. “Bekah is an incredible teammate on and off the field,” she said. “She has such a bubbly personality and she just knows how to brighten up anyone’s day no matter the aspect,”

Although a freshman performing this well probably caught most people off guard, Slattery has been ready to step up for her team since the beginning.

12809768_10153845479681259_7246622705755402779_n-2“I knew that when my opportunity came I would have big shoes to fill, but I was ready for it,” Slattery said. “So when our season began, I felt confident that I would do well and we would collect some great wins.”

Clearly Slattery is very confident in her abilities, but she gives a lot of credit for that confidence to her junior teammate Rachel Mouillesseaux, who is the other starting pitcher in the LHU rotation.

“She is lights out. She has been a great role model for me and she has really helped me adjust to the college level of play,” Slattery said.

Mouillesseaux’s veteran leadership has clearly had a major impact on Slattery so far.

With still so much of the season left to go, Slattery realizes she still has improvements she can make. “Softball is a game of adjustments, so there is always room for improvement,” Slattery said. “I would say the areas of my game that need improvement still would be my bat and continuing to establish my zones on the mound.”

Slattery knows she can still get better, but that doesn’t take away from her excellent freshman season. As long as Slattery continues this level of play, we can expect her to have a great career for the LHU softball team.


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