Speaker coming to Lock Haven: “Identities in a Label Free World”

Kathleen Ellison


42e4ac00d462edff7eab900241b7de25LHU’s President’s Commission on LGBTQ Affairs and Student Activities Office is hosting speaker Mr. Sinclair Sexsmith in “Identities in a Label Free World” on Wednesday Apr. 6 from 6:30-8:00 in PUB #2. Sexsmith will be discussing the difference between labels and identities and the liberation that can come from words.

Sexsmith specializes in queer sexualities, genders and relationships. They have also produced the award-winning website “Sugarbutch: Queer Sex, Kink, Gender, Relationships.” The writer and spoken-word performer leads workshops online and across country at colleges about how to use identity as a tool for liberation.

“That’s a fancy way of saying that I write and study ways of becoming more myself,” says Sinclair on their website sugarbutch.net. “I study myself and the places where I interact with the world.”

Erin Kennedy, Associate Professor of the Psychology Department and chair of the Promotion, Education, and Visibility subcommittee, said that they chose Sinclair for his variety of topics and charisma.

“We were excited that Sinclair is a nationally known entertainer who has much to offer,” said Kennedy. “Many LHU students, staff, and faculty believe they have little or no interaction with people who do not fit the traditional male-female gender binary. However, this is unlikely. An event like this will hopefully make people at LHU more aware of a variety of gender identities and help everyone understand that regardless of what label a person chooses (if any label at all), we are all human beings and citizens of this university. It is important that we understand each other and get along.”

Sinclair’s event is just one way the President’s Commission on LGBTQ Affairs is meeting its goal of encouraging diversity and creating a more supportive campus environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. They have also been advocating for gender neutral bathrooms all over campus.

“I also hope that a frank discussion of labels will help us understand the importance of avoiding other types of labels in other areas, especially derogatory ones, of course,” said Kennedy.


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