Students show off artwork in Juried Exhibition

Aarron Coleman

When starting a new year, it is ideal to greet it with a fresh perspective, but keeping traditions helps us appreciate the many things that we have accomplished. The Fine Arts Society (FAS) holds true to traditions in celebration of the upcoming Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition.

The Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition is “an art show with artwork by students,” Jason Bronner, a professor in the Visual and Performing Arts Department and the advisor of the FAS, said. The exhibition begins Apr. 4 and ends Apr. 22. Art pieces will be displayed in the Sloan Gallery.

installation2b2The exhibition is open to any student that would like to participate and the participating student must submit their art by Apr. 1. Any type of artwork can be submitted with the stipulation that the art pieces were created during their college career. From there, the selected judge will pick what pieces will be displayed in the show unknown by that artist until the Sunday before the exhibition. The winning pieces will receive ribbons as prizes.

Having received a professional outlook on the exhibition, I then went to go seek a student’s. The student I interviewed was a contestant in last year’s exhibition. The student chose to remain anonymous.

When asked if he knew any history on the art exhibition, he said that the exhibitions have been around for as long as FAS has been. “FAS has been around for twenty-plus years,” he added.

I asked the previous contestant if there are additional prizes and the places for each prize. “Yes, outside of the ribbons there are monetary awards given for the first prize in each category as well as the best in show,” the student explained. “The amount is dependent on the number of entries.”

Having a better understanding of the inner and outer workings of the exhibition, I asked the student if there were anyway other students on campus can get involved. “Anytime during the length of the exhibit, anyone can view all submitted works during the open hours of Sloan, and they can also attend the opening reception to meet the artist,” he said.

I encourage all students to stop by Sloan between Apr. 4 and Apr. 22, not only to see the winning pieces of art, but also to support all of our fellow students who entered the exhibit. The Sloan Exhibit is open between 8am to 9pm every day.


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