We’re all addicted but it’s time to Break Free

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

parental_controlWe are addicted to our technology. We depend on it for almost everything, especially our phones. Do you think you’re capable of spending a day technology free? We can jokingly say yes, one day won’t kill us and it’s totally possible. But really think about it. How many times a day do you use technology? TV? Phones? Computers? Tablets? Nooks? Kindles? They’re everywhere. How about we try to cut back just a little so we can actually see the world around us and enjoy it a little bit more?

The Break Free App monitors your phone use during the day; how many times you unlock your screen and how long you actually use your phone. So far today, I’ve unlocked my phone 27 times and I’ve been on it for an hour and 39 minutes. The little dude in the app congratulated me because my addiction score was less than 100+ for the first time yesterday. I have a problem, and you probably do too.

My goal, upon seeing how addicted to my phone I was, is to not have my addiction score be 100+ for a week straight like it was last week. This app really makes you feel guilty for using your phone so much. The little dude in the app makes scary faces when you have a high score.

To help us break free from our phones and technology in general, we should just go outside. Your phone battery will die faster anyway because you have to turn your brightness up higher, so just put it away. And if you can’t put your phone away, you can set up a time for the Break Free app to disable internet, stop notifications, auto reject calls and send auto texts so you’ll be less distracted.

usageWe don’t need it to go for a walk on the dike with friends, or even go for a run. We can go swimming in the river (even though it might be too cold right now but we can plan for the warmer days) or sunbathe on the dike.

What about lounging on the new grass we have on the Russell lawn? We didn’t get to enjoy it before it got too cold because the fences were still up but now we can lay a blanket down and hang out with friends or play a game there. Frisbee? Soccer? Quidditch? Or even just a game of catch. Take your lunch from Bentley and eat it on the grass or on one of the many benches we now have. How about we find a use for these new pavilions and actually use them?

Get some chalk and draw on the sidewalks. We might get in trouble for it but it’ll definitely brighten up my day! Play some hop-scotch or four square. Take your hobbies outside and if you don’t have a hobby that doesn’t involve technology it is definitely time to find a new one.

Don’t you miss running around outside with all of the neighborhood kids? We may be “adults” but I’m still a child inside, are you? Let’s play kick-the-can, running bases, red rover, plain old tag or any other game you played as a kid. You don’t need to take pictures of everything, just have a good time and don’t worry about recording your life’s history. Write a memoir if you want to do that. Just enjoy the sun! Enjoy the warmer weather! Enjoy being outside! That’s what I’m going to do.

Photos: breakfree-app.com


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