Men’s volleyball club aims to make playoffs next year

Sam Wilson
Staff Writer

DSC_0325The Lock Haven University men’s volleyball club offers a great way to stay active and meet some new people on campus. The club is student-run and only meets a few times a week. There is no experience necessary and no cuts take place.

Nick Bishop, president of the club, says some of the benefits of joining the team are the friendships you will make and the leadership skills you will learn.

“I didn’t know a lot of these guys before I joined, but now we all hang out together outside of practices and matches,” said Bishop.

There will be three to four tournaments in the fall and eight to ten conference matches during the season, which takes place in the spring semester. This past season they went 5-3 overall.

DSC_0325Koa Mook, junior, said “We expect to make playoffs next year. There’s no reason we shouldn’t.”

Practices are held Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the season and vary while out of season. “We prefer the guys make it to 90 percent of practices. But we understand if you have something more important,” said Bishop.

Every practice takes place in the Zimmerli Gymnasium from 8-10 pm. Keep in mind, these times are subject to change next year, depending on available gym times.

Typical practices start out with hitting lines then move on to drills. Since it is run by the students, the players decide what skills they need to focus on and all pitch in ideas for what drills would be the most beneficial. After drills, they end every practice with a scrimmage.

Ryan Shields, senior libero, said, “I joined the team because I missed high school volleyball. It’s so similar. I love it. I still get to play at a competitive level, but not have the stress of a coach always on my back.”

If you are interested in joining or have any questions you can contact Bishop at

Photos by Emily Appollonia



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